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running alone


new york city in 2 weeks, already

Went into work this morning, sore from yesterday’s race, then did an easy paced 5 mile shakeout in the warm summery afternoon, just an easy 5 miler, something I haven’t done in a while.  

Some thoughts on yesterday’s quarter marathon race…normally I have an inner clock estimating the effort to give at each mile marker during a race, but it was hard to do this in a quarter marathon, an odd distance of 6.55 miles…ran it hard, took a lot of effort because I was running it solo most of the way, training only the lead car…but I think this will end up helping me because it’ll simulate the last quarter of New York, where you’re really running alone, and the only companions at that point in the marathon are you, your training, and your will.


a fun morning


new york city in 2 weeks and 1 day

What a fun morning, went to this quarter marathon race in a small town just outside of Buffalo, a fun quaint local race put on a by a small running club full of great dedicated people, just the kind of race and community I love about running – took first overall in 38:26, hard to put the time in context as it’s an irregular distance – using it as a prep race, was alone in front most of the way in this near perfect running weather, had to really push myself to keep the pace up, the new racing shoes felt good, I think it was good tune up for New York.  And received a nice trophy and gift certificate to a local running store.

Took yesterday off, and I think the rest day helped to get some of the kinks out of legs and arms – felt better this morning.

Including warm and cool down, 13 miles for the day.  Will play it by ear tomorrow, how much or whether to even run at all…the perks of tapering…

…in the distance


new york city in less than 3 weeks

11 easy paced miles in the park on another mild day, windier today.  The legs seemed to unwind further today, it actually started cramping up a little, maybe to let me know it is unwinding.  
We’re getting some cold wet stuff at the end of next week, but this weekend it’s supposed to get up in the 70’s.  Saturday morning’s the unusual but fun sounding quarter marathon (6.55 mile) race.  Not sure which quarter of New York I’ll pretend this to be, but whatever it is, it’ll be nice to pick up the pace a little.  Haven’t run a race in a few weeks, it’ll be nice to run into some friends I haven’t seen in a while.

Starting to see New York in the distance…   

don’t overthink it


new york city in a little under 3 weeks

11 miles in the park on a summery afternoon, parts of it feeling smooth, other portions not so much.  These are the moments in the taper where I’m not sure how I’m doing, whether I’m doing fine or losing fitness, whether I’m losing my edge or building it up.

Not too concerned about it, though, learned over the years not to overthink it, just keep going and let the training do its work on race day.

summer remains


new york city in (a little under) 3 weeks

A little tired and sore from work, did a 12 miler on a cool windy afternoon.  Lots of people out in the park, soccer games, softball, and even baseball, this summer refuses to wind down as the temps around here are supposed to get back up to 70 degrees by the week’s end.  But the distance is winding down, and even with fatigue and soreness – probably the effects of the last couple weeks and residue from the summer of training – I could sense the recovery and healing, even if a little.  A tune up race coming up Saturday, a quarter-marathon, appropriately enough…

perfectly unsatisfying


new york city in 3 weeks

Hate to take a day off from a run when I don’t feel the need to, but that was part of the tapering plan yesterday.  Felt okay enough to run, but it was a planned rest day.  And it worked out, as we had a nasty wind storm most of the day.  Amazing, though, how much time you have when not running – all that time spent running, getting up for it beforehand, and winding down afterwards…

Today, started cutting down the mileage with an 11 miler.  Had a lot left afterwards, could have gone another 3 or 4 miles as usual, but it’s time to start whittling it down.  This feeling of being less than satisfied means the taper is going well.

bright darkness


new york city in 4 weeks

Had a lot to do during the day, so didn’t get to run til after dark, 15 miles under the lamps in the park.  Running in the dark gave me a chance to visualize the Marathon as I circled the park, picturing the cityscapes of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the other boroughs.  The race is 3 weeks and a few hours away, but tonight’s run made it feel more immediate, giving me a chance to strategize a bit for it.