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pothole and thunderstorm


the road to new york

The road to any marathon is never a completely smooth ride, and thought I might’ve hit a small bump or pothole yesterday, the bruise on the bottom of the left foot from stepping on a rock during last Sunday’s 15k was acting up during a 13 mile easy run, creating soreness in the plantar fascia – uh oh, have had PF issues before and they’re not fun.  Otherwise a good Friday spent with mys son.

Went back to the park for a 12 miler this afternoon, and the left foot and the PF felt better – just have to keep tabs on it.  But got caught in a brief passing thunderstorm on the way back, took shelter under a big tree, which in retrospect probably wasn’t a good idea.



luctown trophy

Had a great race today at the Lucytown Half, 2nd overall, first master, in 1:16. A little surprised, feeling very gratified after dealing with the calf injury the past couple of weeks. Emotional afterwards. Very grateful. More to follow…