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the road to new york

Yesterday’s thunderstorms cooled and dried things off a bit, allowing me to keep the mileage going with a 17 mile fun run.  Was going to be 15 miler, but ran into a local college runner I know while in the park, got into an engaging conversation about running and training, and ended up adding on 2 fast miles inadvertently.  A case of a good accident.


pothole and thunderstorm


the road to new york

The road to any marathon is never a completely smooth ride, and thought I might’ve hit a small bump or pothole yesterday, the bruise on the bottom of the left foot from stepping on a rock during last Sunday’s 15k was acting up during a 13 mile easy run, creating soreness in the plantar fascia – uh oh, have had PF issues before and they’re not fun.  Otherwise a good Friday spent with mys son.

Went back to the park for a 12 miler this afternoon, and the left foot and the PF felt better – just have to keep tabs on it.  But got caught in a brief passing thunderstorm on the way back, took shelter under a big tree, which in retrospect probably wasn’t a good idea.

a workout between thunderstorms


Between two severe severe thunderstorms – one a few minutes before and one forecasted for soon afterwards – got in a full  workout tonight with the club: 8 x 800 meters(1/2 mile or 2 laps) at 5k pace w/ 1 lap jog rest.  My splits were 2:47,2:41,2:37,2:38,2:38,2:39,2:43,2:40.

10 miles total, including a 2 mile warm up and a 2 mile cool down.

Cooled by the thunderstorm but windy and still humid, the conditions made the workout a workout. Happy with it in general, especially considering having done it solo, and the legs still affected by Saturday’s race, the distance and the heat of the past couple of days.  Good one.

ran with food


The running highlight of the day was sprinting back home several blocks with a bag of takeout beef souvlaki wrap in my hand to beat a fast approaching thunderstorm, stepping through the door just seconds before the deluge.  Now sitting, enjoying the sandwich, the view of the wet outdoors outside the window.  The wrap was worth the risk.  Happy Friday everyone!