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taper ~ marathon week

5 miles easy around the neighborhood after work.  Warmer and breezier today while breaking in the racing flats – they feel good.  One more run tomorrow before catching the evening flight to Boston, probably the last run before Monday.  The weather forecast remains the same for the race, rain and windy, getting worse as the days progresses, a storm for New England all its own, a marathon special.


storming through


the road to new york

The cooler day put some life back in the legs, so delayed the pullback in miles for another day and got in 13 miles in between the violent thunderstorms that barreled through as part of a cold front over this midwest region.  Still humid and gusty today, these storms are supposed to cool and dry things out the rest of the week.  Probably will have an easy day sometime between now and Saturday when I’m planning to do a 10k.

fatigue, storm, recovery


the road to new york

Took a rest day today, feeling exhausted from the week’s increased mileage and busy work schedule, I knew an attempt to run would probably bring on an illness or something.  Today’s cool off and violent storms were welcoming for a nice afternoon nap and recovery for the wrecked body, now a quiet Friday evening then maybe a few easy miles tomorrow before Sunday morning’s 15k race.

time to meet the challenge


Yesterday’s run was snowed out by an intense lake effect storm that dropped nearly a foot of snow along with fierce winds and whiteouts.  Already tired in the afternoon, I saw the conditions outside and all the alarming warnings on TV, and crawled back under the covers to fight another day.  

Conditions improved somewhat today.  No snow, but the temps were still in single digits along with sub zero windchills, allowed for a run.  Put on several layers, including my trusty decades old Gore Tex jacket, went out to brave the cold, and got in a delightful 8 mile run on nicely packed snow covered roads.  Even got hot and sweaty by the end of the run.  Winter has unofficially arrived with a vengeance here in Buffalo.  Time to meet the challenge.

run 1 in armaggedon

goal race: Buffalo Marathon 5/29


Yesterday was a no go, was dragging all day, took a nap before the intended run, and slept through the alarm.  But the nap/rest was a good thing, very tired, decided to move that run to this morning and do a double workout today.  Last night’s good sleep helped a lot, feeling much better and so will try to go ahead with a double today.

Normally, it’s a 40 minute drive up to tomorrow’s race in Lockport, NY, but with an expected snow storm the next two days, it’ll be a rough trip up there.  So regretfully skipping it this year, will just have to experience the joy of running in sub-zero in my own backyard.

Got in a 14 miler late morning, through a storm that had everything: cold, snow, wind, windgusts…The top photo was before the run; the bottom pic from last year’s race that encapsulates today’s run.  

Off from work today, the temps are supposed to go down, will get some rest and try for run no. 2 later…

mute the storm


Another snow storm and it’s not yet officially winter.  Not a back breaker this time, but nearly a foot, enough to disrupt things.  Got in a light 6 miler in the middle of this, a primer for Saturday’s national club xc race.  The snow is falling , the traffic weaving and sliding, and the winds swirling; but was in tune with the steps and strides along the snow cushioned sidewalks and side streets.

As I said, a nice primer for Saturday morning’s maelstrom through the rolling soft wet paths through Bethlehem, PA’s cornfield.  The giant field of masters harriers will be a thundering herd of Buffaloes ready to run you down.  Imperative that I find the peace in the middle of that stampede.  Focus on a runner or two and maybe their singlets, and the rest of the noise and movements will slow down and silence.