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spring fever


With the weather becoming so great, I kinda went bonkers with the mileage the past couple days. It’s supposed to be rehab, but went for 6 miles yesterday (though the first 2 miles were a run/walk combo warm up) and 4 miles this afternoon.  Had planned to either rest or really take it easy, but the sun and the sudden spring temps in the 60’s had me throw caution to the wind.  Couldn’t pass up today.  More miles than wise, a case of spring fever, I guess.  The knee seemed to come through okay. But maybe pull in the reins a little next few days… maybe. We’ll play by ear.

spring fever


Didn’t much notice the temps were in the teens today, I had a case of spring fever.  Yesterday was the announcement of the newest Baseball Hall of Fame inductees, and for those who still follow baseball this means spring training is less than a month away, when spring, really begins.  All this put a ‘spring’ in my steps during the 12 miler to the park and back, picking up the speed to around 6:30 minute pace for a mile or so past the mental images of Fenway Park and Kenmore Square.