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kids of all ages


9 easy recovery miles with my son in the park, a wonderful run full of good conversation about movies, relaxing and free in the cool misty humid conditions.  It’s great to have him home for the summer, your adult children still are your children for parents and the connection continues, especially during good runs.


return home


recovery week

Finally dry and warm, enjoyed the post-marathon recovery spending time in NYC visiting my son. Taking a couple more days off from running, then will be back at it…with Chicago and New York up next.

2nd semester, 2nd year


Got in 10 miles with my son, our customary run to the park and back, the temps were sane, somewhere in the 20’s, snow falling gently.  A great run with great conversation, our conversations get better and deeper as he gets older, now a college sophomore and turning 20 later this year.  20!  He goes back tonight to New York to start the 2nd semester, an overnight bus with a ticket he bought from a friend as a favor because she couldn’t use it.  A good person.  I’m sad that he’s heading back.  But getting more accustomed to this empty nest thing, as I explained to a friend earlier.  Now looking more forward to spring and Boston, the week of which I next see him in New York.

seafood stew


A 10 miler with my son to the park and back on a cold crisp evening, a good snowy path shoveled for us most of the way.  A tough run for me, tired from work today and yesterday’s 12 in the snow.  Felt great afterwards, a nice run with my son.  He goes back to school in New York Wednesday, might not have time for another run together before then.  Will watch the playoffs tonight like we used to when he was a boy.  Making seafood stew in honor of New England.



I had a meltdown today, a good kind, during the 10 mile run with my son to the park and back; the temps were up in the 40’s; and the ice, the snow, and the mood in the neighborhood were all melting away.  The minor downside was the water and slush to work through, but splashing was fun too on this spring-like afternoon.  The temps will continue to rise until the weekend, when they’ll come back down.  But will thoroughly enjoy the climb into the 50’s, then the 60’s, in the meantime.

first hard workout


10 strong  miles with my son to the park and back on a ‘balmy’ 20 degree day, a respite after past couple days in the low single digits and before near zero temps the next few days.  The slush and snow made the going tricky on several areas, we even picked up the pace for stretches, getting the heart rate up.  The first hard workout of the new year.  

Didn’t see too many other runners.  In fact only one in the park.  Kinda disappointed to see so few on a a calmer day – maybe all the media hype around the cold is having a ‘chilling’ effect.

in gear


10 miles to the park with my son, in arctic air, single digits with sub zero windchill, what a way to start the training for Boston.  Remember the Polar Vortex a couple years ago?  This feels familiar.  So great to get back to training, rolling over hills, putting the vehicle in gear after the past month of recovery.