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good tuesday


the road to new york

Yesterday, took a much needed rest day, exhausted, as if on the verge of an illness, a kind of fatigue I’ve experienced in the past after a significant increase in intensity of training – such as that of the past couple of weeks.  The day off from running helped, and felt better today, good enough for a 13 miler (8 with son).  Cloud cover and passing showers cooled things off for the second half of the run.  Probably will enter tomorrow night’s 5k in the moonlight, for a good speed workout without being fully rested, all part of prepping for New York in November.  Now, famished, headed out to get some dinner, completing a good Tuesday.


good times ahead


the road to new york

Did the recovery run this afternoon that I missed yesterday due to the sore left foot from the race, the foot felt much better today allowing me to do a nice 15 miler on a sunny comfortable day.  The first 9 miles were with my son and then added on 6 for good measure.  The miles are starting the creep up as this marathon training gets rolling, though the intensity in effort and miles won’t hit full stride til September.  Looks like my son found a nice place in Brooklyn to live off campus with friends for his second year at school, excited for him, and now I can stay a little longer after the marathon.



the road to new york

Sounds like a broken record, but muggy again during today’s 9 mile recovery run around the parkway.  Got caught in a brief passing storm, cooled things off for a moment, but the humidity remained.  But the air feels like it’ll bring some relief in the next few days, maybe for Wednesday’s Ronald McDonald House 5k, which I’d like to run well while I’m doing some of these shorter races in July.  

I only began running this race a few years ago, but it’s become one of my favorite races, with a good course right in my neighborhood, a terrific post race party with good food, good local craft beer, and a good local band, it’s become as much a tradition for my son and me to run it as the Buffalo Turkey Trot.

running together


the road to new york

Thought about a track workout but didn’t feel up to it, so pushed it to tomorrow.  Instead got in a nice 9 miler with my son to the park and back on a cool afternoon.  Now a grown young adult, he seems to look older and bigger each time we run together, then I’m reminded of our shorter runs together when he was smaller and then his bike rides alongside on my long runs when he was even smaller.  Running is a big part of our bond.  Track tomorrow.

happy friday


on the road to new york

The best run I’ve had in a number of days, a joyful 10 miler in the park, the weather cooler and drier today, felt more rested, and the first run with my son since last winter.  Was great to be back on the roads with him.  Now heading out to dinner, ready to feast.  A wonderful run with your child, great dinner, the weekend…what more can you ask for?  Happy Friday everyone!

monday in the park


on the road to new york

A strong run this evening.  The cool weather really made the 11 mile run in the park feel like a breeze.  The strides felt smooth and easy, nothing felt forced.  Saw runners I know in the park, folks are still sending congrats for last month’s Boston run.  I’m touched that the run meant something to them as well, that it might’ve provided them a little inspiration to tackle a big goal…

My son got in last night, I’m looking forward to continuing our runs together this summer.

vacation post-Boston


Visiting my son in New York, walking around on The High Line and the rest of the city, protein loading at the local burger joints, recovering from the Marathon, still high from Monday…the race recap is in the works…