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all clear

Uplifted by promising news of a vaccine from Moderna, hit an uptempo 10 miler to the park and back through the Village on a windy and strangely barren evening with even less people and cars than it’s been lately, maybe people are gearing up to burst out on the first day of phase one opening tomorrow. Ran straight up the middle of Elmwood Ave, my neighborhood’s main thoroughfare, imagining it being 5th Ave towards Central Park in the latter parts of the NYC Marathon, until a car skirted past me reminding me that I’m going to have to get used to traffic and observe traffic lights again when things get back to normal…

a forrest gump moment


8 miles to the museum and back, I’ve run every day so far this year!

Apparently the World Marathon Majors began an age group ranking last fall in conjunction with an inaugural ‘global’ age group championship at the 2020 London Marathon, and somehow I got included based on my runs at Chicago and NYC. Not sure how long the current rankings will stay this way, but decided to take a screenshot of it while it was thus. How often can you say you’re ranked ‘No. 1 in the world’ in something, lol.

still here


Hello, I’m still here. Haven’t posted in days but still running.  In fact been doing 7 to 8 miles daily for the past week, yes, every day.  The strides feel lighter and I feel faster during these runs, reminding me that it was only a little more than a month ago that I ran New York and that I was still recovering from it.  Now I feel the heaviness of marathon strides leaving and those of the middle distances arriving.

down under


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, it’s a little late for me to send this greeting but I’ve been celebrating it for the past long weekend while my son has been home from college. He went back early this morning, and I went for a wonderful 10 mile run this afternoon, the longest run since the November 4th NYC Marathon, and it felt so good to get in a double digit run.  Before that, it was Thursday’s 8k (5 mi) Buffalo Turkey Trot with my son (our annual rite) and friends. I jogged it this year, no competing, no straining, just a fun run on an 18 degree morning and grabbing some beer being passed out along the route – another tradition for the Trot ‘joggers’.

Been very inconsistent with the posts lately due to the related inconsistent running – all part of the long recovery of these current weeks from all the intense marathon training/racing, I’m now realizing, of the past couple years.  It’ll be like this for a while before I get back on the wagon…Hope your running is going well!

holiday theme


Today was the end of the first week of work back from last week’s vacation to New York, but I’ve already been in work mode for several days – last week and the marathon a part of the past, but not the distant past – this is when I know I’ve had a good holiday, back at work but not missing vacation, just fond memories and a warmth leftover, to continue the momentum over to the upcoming holidays.  

A blissful 7 mile run around the neighborhood past the holiday lights and decorations.  Holiday is the theme today.

a very good day


A fun day yesterday celebrating the race with my son and friends who came out in force to cheer us on. And good news was awaiting this morning on the marathon results page, a gratifying 6th age group finish at the 2018 NYC Marathon! Very satisfying and eased the tiny pain of not getting under 2:50.

we’ll know tomorrow



Arrived in New York yesterday, had a quick dinner with my son, I didn’t want to walk around too much before the marathon, went to the Expo at the convention center to pick up the race packet, a nice lunch, then came back to the hotel to prepare for tomorrow.  All in all, feeling good, but hard to know my exact fitness right now after doing Chicago just a month ago. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

we’re onto new york


The NYC Marathon vacation began today, the taper began a couple days ago – rest on Tuesday, 4 easy miles Wednesday, then 5 miles today – canceled a planned speed work since I was feeling more tired from work than expected.  Taking the train to the city tomorrow, will be meeting up with my son at NYU, looking forward to seeing him on this exciting weekend. The weather looks good, I’m feeling as well as I could on a week like this. Let’s check back in New York.

comfort food


Rest day yesterday, tired and the priority was the clinching game 5 of the World Series, and ‘damage done’ these Sox got the job done.  As strange feeling to celebrate multiple championships for this team, having lived through the ‘Curse of the Bambino’ from the 70’s through the 90’s.  Shows there’s no such thing as a ‘curse.’
An enjoyable 8 mile run with the running group tonight, a good group of friends much younger than I that inspires me to stay in shape, to stay young, a good ‘security blanket’, good ‘comfort food’ of a run to get me ready for New York this weekend.  A good start to the taper week.

a good dozen


12 miles this morning in the park in light rain with the running group and then a nice brunch in town.  Probably will be the last double digit mileage run of the week, taking it easy the rest of taper except for maybe a little speed work in the middle of the week.  Feeling good, but this is a kind of uncharted territory going for marathons a month apart.