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the right amount


the road to new york

Unsure how much time I’d have tomorrow, did the track workout today even though I didn’t feel fully rested.  It also got hot today, and it felt like a 100 degrees on the track.  Decided on intervals of 600 meters (1 ½ laps)  with half lap jog rest in between.  Ended up doing four of them in 2:00, 1:55, 1:55, and 1:56.  All of them were hard on this hot day, and the last one hurt a lot.  Ended the workout after four, it was enough – sometimes you know when you’ve had enough at a meal, no need for seconds.  Including warm up and cool down, 9 miles for the day.  I can tell these workouts will help this racing season.  


building on small victories


10 mile recovery run this morning, didn’t know what pace it was, didn’t care.  Everything below the waist was sore from yesterday’s half, from the hips to the toes.  Every joint and muscle seemed to radiate pain.  Most of the run was on the golf course in the park and on the grass along the roads on the way to and from the park – we’re treading lightly here.

Several positives in yesterday’s race to build on.  While without the mid-season track speed, the strength from this winter’s mileage carried me through the second half.  This is a hopeful sign for the rest of the year when I can add more speed work.  Ran fairly even splits and finished strong.

Continue training consistently and building on small victories.

down time


Having front-loaded mileage, a busy day, sore even after a good long night sleep, so giving self a rest day.  Whew, that feeling of relief.  Plus, this will be good for Sunday’s 5k.  Probably will do a few miles tomorrow morning, got the new pair of shoes in the mail, after all.

Will be a good Friday night, hope you have one too!

running catharsis


On a beautiful sunny 70 degree day, continued the recovery run from yesterday with 11 rough easy miles around the park, much of it on the edges of the golf course, to give the legs and back some cushion; but the rolling and uneven terrain gave the legs more of a workout than they desired, still feeling last Thursday’s intervals and Saturday’s tempo run.  Last night’s painful knot in the left calf was still present as well during the run.  I can tell this ugly run was shaking out all the kinks, soreness, and ailments out of the body, a kind of a running catharsis, the uglies being thrust out of the body, especially the legs, along with the sweat.


spring fling


10 nice & easy recovery miles around a crowded park, through the neighbothood, under a toasty sun, outdoor seatings in cafes and restaurants, patrons sipping coffee and beer, sun roofs open, and even the dogs wearing shades.  Ran free in t-shirt and shorts, what more can I say, it was a sumptuous afternoon…a blissful SUNday.

windy easy


A 10 mile recovery day after yesterday’s hard workout, practically an extension of yesterday’s cool down run. Glad I did the intervals yesterday, today’s 40+ wind gusts and chill would have made it difficult to do them today.  The wind was blowing me around pretty good during today’s easy run.

Besides recovering from yesterday, easing up for an early morning medium long run with the Saturday morning group, before a few guys from the group start tapering for Boston…it’s getting near for you Boston bound.

gone wild


Got my wish for a couple of hours’ reprieve from rain this evening, took advantage of it by getting in a killer set of intervals – the first one in a while and, really, the one to kick off this racing season.  The warm weather seemed to let me go wild, with light gear on, coffee buzz on, the ‘high mileage fatigue be damned’ attitude, did an impromptu set of

5 x 3 minute pick-ups averaging around 5:40/mile pace…5:30 pace downhill/5:50 pace uphill…2 minutes rest jog sucking wind…

12 miles in all, including warm up and cool down.

With the year’s first 5k in a week and a half, been itching to get some anaerobic stuff in; but the weather, schedule, mileage, and injuries had conspired to delay action.  Will have a chance for at least another one before the race, it’s looking like in the 60’s and bright all next week…looking forward to running free.