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A homecoming of sorts today, boldly kicked it up to 8 miles and made it out to Delaware Park, my favorite run destination in these parts, the first time in a couple months. The last time that way the knee had me stop and walk the last three miles back home. A different story today. The knee on the mend let me all the way back home running.  2021 is unfolding and starting to feel like I’m keeping up….

coming home


The vacation began Saturday, followed by yesterday’s 5k in 18:09, meh.  In vacation mode, woke up kinda close to the start of the race, couldn’t really get going even after a good warm up.  In all 8 miles for the day.

The heart of the vacation began today, arrived in my hometown of Boston, walking around across the city, taking it all in, then went for an 8 mile run on my favorite running route, Storrow Drive along Charles River, from near Harvard Sq to the Esplanade and back.  The Boston Marathon signs around the city got me pumped up (skipping the event this year, so this week’s my chance to soak up the marathon atmosphere). Love coming back to this city and running along the old haunts, brings me right back to graduate school 25 years ago, to specific moments and special memories.