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getting into gear


12 miles to the park and back, it was cold and windy, but the snow had ended when I ran.  A day off from work today allowed me to catch up on sleep and get some restful sleep.  Allowed me to feel better heading into the run.  Have consistently increased the daily runs to a dozen miles, will increase some more in a week or two.  My mind is starting to turn to Boston now with the training getting into gear…which means preparing to make travel plans – luckily I have a place to stay with generous friends in Boston who acted as my ‘handlers’ during last year’s wonderful experience…


the eve of 2018


new year’s eve

Didn’t get out for a run til past 8, after all the football games (the Bills finally make the playoffs, miracles do happen), a bad night to run late, it was double digit sub zero temps, all the more reason I procrastinated in front of the tv.  But after putting on the usual amount of layers, the run felt like a cool spring day run.  But very tired, tonight’s 10 miles were tough after a busy work week…

What a year it’s been, so thankful for my family, immediate and the running ones, and of course my wordpress comrades in arms…conquered Boston and NYC, but that Boston run was oh so special, will always have Boston 2017.

Resolution(s) for 2018?  Just one, from which all else follows, and that is to be thankful.  And as an aside, in the immortal words of Tom Robbins, ‘don’t be outraged, be outrageous.’ Peace and Love, my friends, Happy New Year…

tuesday run


the road to new york

Felt a little better than yesterday, more energy, had a gentle 13 miler in the park on a cooler cloudy afternoon.  Made sure the pace was easy and relaxed, didn’t push it at all.  But far from feeling rested.  Will be doing a 5k this Friday, a competitive local race that I’d skip otherwise, but it’s the Western NY running hall of fame event as well – people I know are being inducted – so will run and celebrate as well.  Will be training through it, not a time to rest up for races.

a wonderful present


the road to new york

Bright and early at 7:30, ran the brand new 15k race this morning, and it went very well – 3rd overall in 53:54, a 5:46/mile pace, hadn’t raced this distance in 5 years and did not lose any time since the last one.  Really happy with the time.  The weather was ideal – cool 70 degrees with a slight breeze – especially after the past week of heat and humidity.  Last Sunday’s tempo run in the h & h paid dividends today.  And the race was primarily sponsored by a local craft brewery, so a great post-race party with friends…a great way to spend a birthday…will celebrate it formally tomorrow!

best of all worlds


the road to new york

Decided not to go to the track meet for the mile race this evening, time constraints, had to go into work tonight, and was tired from a couple of hectic workdays and just not motivated to run a track mile race today.  Moreover with the nyc marathon training officially having begun yesterday, the urge for miles over The Mile clinched the decision.

The running gods, however, intervened – in a helpful manner – when I went out for a typical 10 miler.  When nearing the park, ran into my friend Joe, a 60 year old super masters runner, who had me join in for a few miles of tempo run in the park.  So ended with the best of all worlds – some distance with a workout of a 3 mile tempo run.  Thanks Joe, thanks to the running gods…

the run, meh; the event, terrific


the road to new york

A nice 9 mile recovery run in the park and around town with the earphones and music on, rarely listen to music in runs but wanted it today.  The run was recovery after last might’s 5k…

Last night’s Ronald McDonald House 5k went ok, finishing in 17:19, a slightly disappointing time but 4th overall, 2nd masters finisher.  I like the course and would like to have gone faster, but had a stomach thing all day, might have eaten something bad the day before, was feeling lousy all day race day…so considering everything, the race went as well as it could have…

But aside from that, it was great running it with my son as we normally do, and was great fun afterwards as it usually is with this race and it’s post-race party.  Good times with great friends and great locally brewed beer, with great food provided by the Ronald McDonald House.  

Quickly forgot about the less than thrilling race performance and remembered why we run…

a friendly week


the road to new york

Had to take a rest day yesterday, the legs were dead and the body a wreck, the year’s first track workouts of the past week finally catching up.  A good night sleep of recovery, felt better today, so went ahead with the planned hard run with the track club, which was nice because I hadn’t seen several of the members in a while – my schedule hadn’t meshed with our Tuesday nite workouts.  

We ran 200 meter sprint repeats in the park with a brief slow jog rest in between.  I did 10 sprints.  A good dose of speed and didn’t take too much out of me, the perfect workout a couple days before Friday’s 5k.  It will be a good competitive race, as well as a chance to see some friends I haven’t seen in months.  This is a good week for friends.