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back in the 5k game


9 miles altogether including warm up and cool down for tonight’s 5k race benefiting the local Greek cultural association.  5th overall in 17:39, 2nd master/1st AG. Felt like I ran a solid first race of the season, happy about a 5:41/mile pace for 3.1 miles after a winter and spring of mostly distance and tempo runs.  Glad I did some ‘speed’ work this past week, or else this race would have been really difficult. As it was, I didn’t feel like I had any turnover or leg speed during the race. Then I remembered that the main purpose of this run was to add some speed and tune up for the Buffalo Half in a couple weeks.  But, of course, once you start a race, all that goes out the window and you mistakenly focus only on the final time. Besides it was great to catch up with friends afterwards.


feeling warmer and blessed

Having eaten and cleaned up and now warm, feeling whole again. So glad that marathon run is over. Just wasn’t going to be my day. Happy to finish (2:59, 22nd 50-54 AG) and not drop out as I nearly did from near hypothermia…Still, feel blessed to have been a part of such an incredible event and be with great friends here in Boston. And thanks to everyone for all your well wishes!!

old clothes


taper ~ marathon week

Took off from running yesterday to give the body some more recovery, slept well, and went for an easy 6 miler around the neighborhood, continuing to break in the racing shoes and simulating the race weather a bit.  It was windy today and got hit with some cross winds part of the run, like the probable cross winds during Monday’s marathon. Started packing, fly to Boston Friday night to stay with Kevin and Mariani over the long weekend, and Kevin, a masters competitor himself, has old clothes I’ll be able to wear as ‘throw aways’ at the start which is supposed to be cold and wet.  I like to pack light.  The weather decided to be a factor this year.

a good tune-up



taper ~ 2 days and 1 week from boston

After no running yesterday on a depressingly wintry snowy day, ran a nice 5k race this morning – the same tune up 5k I ran last year – a nice fundraiser for a local church.  With a 4 mile warm up and 4 mile cool down, 11 miles for the day.  And even got a win with a 17:56 run, not a world beater time but happy with how I felt strong and in control throughout most of the run. So a nice boost with a week to go. Got some hardware and had a great time with friends.  

taper continued


taper ~ 2 weeks and 4 days from boston

No run yesterday, sore legs and all called for an off-day – I can do this, it’s taper time.  Felt better today after a good night sleep, got in a 14 miler in the park, ran into a high school track coach friend out with his distance runners, then ran back home just after it began to rain hard.  Maybe another longish run later in the week just to keep the body on its metaphorical ‘toes.’ But it’ll be an easy run tomorrow.

closer than they appear


A day off from work, but not from running – a 12 miler in the park, the temps fluctuating between winter and spring ranges the past couple days.  Besides other errands to run, finally got to booking the flights for Boston weekend, now almost firmed up.  It’s already less than 2 months away, things are closer than they appear.  And like last year, will be fortunate enough to stay with runner friends near Boston who will understand and empathize with a runner’s state of mind on such a weekend.  Runners need friends who understand runners.

ahead of snow


12 miles to the park and back on a cold crisp evening, threw in a couple miles at around 6:30 minute mile pace, getting the blood going a bit.  Ran into some runners in the park that I knew, apparently, they called out my name, we went by too quickly, in the dark, I said ‘hey!’  By this time tomorrow, we’ll have between 6 inches and a foot of snow, and possibly in Lockport, New York, where the annual early February 10 miler will be this Saturday that I’ve run for the past several years.  This race, which sorta kicks off the Western NY racing year, almost always seem to attract some kind of a winter weather event.