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father’s day run


Had a great Sunday, a nice Father’s Day brunch with my son at our favorite restaurant and then what’s become a yearly tradition, a Father’s Day run.  9 miles around Buffalo’s downtown and then to the park and back on a warm sunny day. Hope you had a good one too.


recovery and father’s day


After a short afternoon nap to catch up on sleep – stayed out late post-race last nite and then had to go in very early this morning to help in the store – 11 slow recovery miles to the park and back.  I like recovery runs after a 5k or a similar distance race because, even if it’s sore and painful, you know that you pushed your body to the limits the previous day; and it’s not going to be the brutal recovery after a marathon where your body is wrecked.  

Looking forward to Father’s Day brunch with my son tomorrow.  Along with remembrance for my late father, he and I weren’t close, but as the years pass by, much of the resentments and recriminations fade and what’s left are people trying to do their best… I think this maybe one of the human species’ survival mechanisms.



on the road to new york

Hello! Came back from Boston last night, been on a blog mini-break for the past 3 days, here’s what I’ve been doing:

Tuesday morning: Per our routine when we visit family in Andover, my son Adam and I run my high school cross country course plus the rest of the campus, and so we did again on this sunny hot Tuesday morning, about 3 miles.  Always on this route with Adam, I’m flooded with billions of emotions.

Tuesday afternoon (2nd run of the day): In Boston, we stayed in Allston, between BC and BU, where I lived when I attend BU grad school 25 years ago; I redeemed my Fathers Day present with an awesome afternoon run with Adam down Beacon Street in Brookline, retracing miles 22 to 24 of the Boston Marathon with my son – the best gift – and then down to Fenway and back to our hotel.  About 8 miles.

Wednesday: Ran around Boston and Brookline again with Adam, past Fenway again and by the Gardner Museum, site of the infamous art heist over 20 years ago, then through the medical area and back through Coolidge Corner.  About 12 miles.  Heavenly.

Thursday: Adam needed rest after running more than usual the past few days, so I took a solo run around Allston, on Commonwealth Ave, past favorite spots of my graduate days.  

Being back in Boston, especially in Allston, always energizes me, reminding me of the hopes and ambitions of those days…and inspires me today, always.

Today: A 10 miler around the park on a humid but cooler evening in Buffalo, might go for a track workout tomorrow….

father’s day run


the road to new york

With a busy Saturday, and sore with a sore right toe, decided to recover from Friday’s 5k by taking the day off from running.  

Felt better on today and went for a 10 mile run.  The heat was definitely on along with the humidity, but the soaking downpour on the way home from the park cooled things down.  

Packing for this week’s trip to Boston with my son, leaving early in the morning for the road trip that we still enjoy, and really looking forward to re-tracing parts of the Boston Marathon with him – a nice Father’s Day present.

bright morning


on the road to new york

Added a mile onto the usual menu of 8 – 9 milers of this past week with a 10 mile run in the park on a beautiful Mother’s Day morning.  The bright sun mixed perfectly with the cool breeze to this runner’s delight.  The sunlight reflected playfully off the pond I circled around.  A blissful morning, and my son’s on his way home from New York, a nice Mother’s Day present for his mom…and an early Father’s Day gift for his dad.

thankful pre-thanksgiving


The son got in today from New York; went and picked up our Turkey Trot numbers at the YMCA headquarters; had a nice pre-Thanksgiving dinner.  No running today.  Now to get some sleep and get set for the 9 am race, on Thanksgiving.  Happy Thanksgiving eve!

take it easy day


An easy paced Father’s Day 7 mile run to the busy waterfront and back with my son, to recover from yesterday’s 12 mile agonizing ‘recovery’ run.  Very busy down by the the lake (Erie) with it being Father’s Day, got a bite to eat and ran back.  Now sitting back, watching the US Open, taking it easy the rest of the day…it’s Father’s Day after all.