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heating up


11 miles to the park and back on a warm humid afternoon.  Legs tired after work and yesterday’s 13 miler, but finished well.  Today’s heat and humidity will be a good prep for this weekend’s weather, expected to be in the 80’s and muggy with rain and possible thunderstorms during the Buffalo Marathon and Half, continuing the motif of stormy marathons…but it’ll at least be warm this time, I’m ready for anything after Boston.


inspired weekend


A busy Saturday forced me to take a rest day, had a wedding to go to and got back too late for a run.  That’s fine, I think I could use an off day. A nice wedding for a nice couple of friends who I’ve known for many years, most of it was done in Spanish as they and much of the wedding party and guests were Puerto Rican, that was cool and I had to go deep in my college memory bank of Spanish classes.   A fun outdoor wedding in town, a great time.

And my son came home last night from school for the summer! Was so great to see him home.

Back at it today on a cool afternoon with a 13 miler through the city and parts of next Sunday’s Buffalo Half.  It felt good and inspired.

tonight’s 5k


A quick race report on the Brian Dugan 5k, finished in 17:41, 3rd overall (though a chip error had me 4th in the initial results), 1st master.  Felt sluggish tonight after a long work day, started out fine hitting the 1st mile in 5:30, then lost contact with the two leaders and pretty much ran the last 2 miles alone.  Kinda plateau-ing at around 17:40 in the last two 5k’s, looking forward to a breakthrough race later in the season. Will just have to keep up the speed work. A nice community run, event.  Saw many friends tonight.

bounce back


Took a rest day yesterday.  Having been tired and sore for a few days now and then a hard workout yesterday convinced me to be a couch potato for an evening.  Plus a good night sleep gave the body a good recovery. Even with this afternoon’s sluggish 8 miler, the body feels healed. Especially with the bright sun and the temp in the 80’s.

Ran over a part of next week’s Buffalo half marathon closest to my house, looking forward to the event.  Continuing to prep for it, decided to race tomorrow evening, the Brian Dugan 5k, a local run and scholarship fundraiser named after a teacher who was killed a few years ago when hit by a car while jogging.  He sounded like an all-around good family man. Very tragic.

The 5k race will be a nice training run and good community event.

not a straight line


A killer workout this evening.  Tired from a long workday, wasn’t sure if I had anything left for a scheduled interval workout this afternoon.  Oftentimes when I feel this way, I’ll just drag my ass out there and see what happens, and this is what happened today.  Out in the park, was able to scrap together some energy and motivation to get it done: 4 x hard runs of about ¾ miles each with 10 minutes of rest in between.  Didn’t time them, but they were probably 5:20-5:30/mile pace. Painful. Got in done, though. Got in 10 miles altogether including warm up/cool down.

Looking to jump in a 5k on Friday.  With a workout here and a 5k there, feels like I’m getting in racing shape.  It’s not a straight line to improvement.

never dull


9 miles to the park and back, an ordinary run normally but must’ve been feeling the effects of the past few days of racing/training and a busy workday.  Went into the store this morning and learned that one of our good employees quit over the weekend. Besides losing a good person, we were short-handed on a busy day – never a dull moment in the produce/grocery business.  

Nearly bonked around the 5th mile but finished fine.  Planning on an interval workout tomorrow, let’s hope for an uneventful day at work.

brilliant sunday


A solid 9 miler in the park on a brilliant sunny Sunday, summer-like in the 70’s, the park and the streets were festive.  The first several miles felt lethargic, maybe from the Sunday laziness, but found some rhythm in the final few miles, picked up the pace, and finished strong.  Now finishing off the afternoon with a beer and watching Boston finish off the Cavs in a surprisingly dominant fashion.