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happiness on the boardwalk


the road to new york

It’s Friday, happy end of week!  Had a great 17 mile run around the city on this beautiful August afternoon, ending on Buffalo’s waterfront – named ‘Canalside’ here – and finishing it off in style with a couple of local craft beers at the outdoor bar on the boardwalk.  Doesn’t get much better than this.

getting serious


the road to new york

Marathon training is getting into full swing, the mileage creeping up.  After yesterday’s 16, got in another 13 miles today in the park and around the neighborhood.  The legs were tired at the start, and it didn’t get any better.  Rubbery legs, it’s definitely marathon training.  Could have gone farther, but didn’t want to get greedy and risk injury,  Will go for more tomorrow, beginning to recall past marathon training again.

the long run


the road to new york

Having to go into work early tomorrow morning, decided to not do tonight’s 5k race taking place at 8 pm, as I would have come back home late.  Instead went for a long run of 16 miles around the city, more fitting for preparing for New York.  Was the longest run in a long time, felt strong most of the way, will become more commonplace the next couple of months.

good tuesday


the road to new york

Yesterday, took a much needed rest day, exhausted, as if on the verge of an illness, a kind of fatigue I’ve experienced in the past after a significant increase in intensity of training – such as that of the past couple of weeks.  The day off from running helped, and felt better today, good enough for a 13 miler (8 with son).  Cloud cover and passing showers cooled things off for the second half of the run.  Probably will enter tomorrow night’s 5k in the moonlight, for a good speed workout without being fully rested, all part of prepping for New York in November.  Now, famished, headed out to get some dinner, completing a good Tuesday.

it’s better in the moonlight


the road to new york

Sometimes it feels easy, and today was one of those days.  Starting off tired from the increased mileage of this month, braced myself for a tough tempo run.  But the cool breezy day made the 6 mile tempo run in the park as part of a 13 miler unexpectedly easy.  Felt smooth for much of the untimed – probably around 6:30/mile pace – tempo run over a hilly route.  The weather was the key factor.  The same run was a killer last week in the humidity.  There’s a fun night 5k on Wednesday called the Moonlight Run, which I might do as a workout.  Aptly their tagline is ‘it’s better in the moonlight.’

pothole and thunderstorm


the road to new york

The road to any marathon is never a completely smooth ride, and thought I might’ve hit a small bump or pothole yesterday, the bruise on the bottom of the left foot from stepping on a rock during last Sunday’s 15k was acting up during a 13 mile easy run, creating soreness in the plantar fascia – uh oh, have had PF issues before and they’re not fun.  Otherwise a good Friday spent with mys son.

Went back to the park for a 12 miler this afternoon, and the left foot and the PF felt better – just have to keep tabs on it.  But got caught in a brief passing thunderstorm on the way back, took shelter under a big tree, which in retrospect probably wasn’t a good idea.

past tired


the road to new york

The first run in this training cycle for New York that felt like a marathon workout, a 13 miler in the park with a 6 mile tempo run several times over its hilly loop – mimicking Central Park a little.  Legs were still a little tired and sore from yesterday’s 13 and from a general upping of mileage in the past week.  Under the hot humid afternoon sun, didn’t time the tempo run, felt like somewhere around 6:40/mile pace, really pushed it, pushed it past tired.