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kids of all ages


9 easy recovery miles with my son in the park, a wonderful run full of good conversation about movies, relaxing and free in the cool misty humid conditions.  It’s great to have him home for the summer, your adult children still are your children for parents and the connection continues, especially during good runs.




11 miles in the park and the parkway back home.  The day got cloudy and cooler making it ideal for a nice Sunday run, it was sunny and warm earlier in the day during an annual arts and craft festival downtown.  They have carnival type food there and it’s an annual rite of mine to get fried dough there with my son, and we did so again this year. It’s something we’ve done since he was very little, and since he’s home from school for the summer we had to do it.  The 11 miler helped to burn off some of the fried dough.

inspired weekend


A busy Saturday forced me to take a rest day, had a wedding to go to and got back too late for a run.  That’s fine, I think I could use an off day. A nice wedding for a nice couple of friends who I’ve known for many years, most of it was done in Spanish as they and much of the wedding party and guests were Puerto Rican, that was cool and I had to go deep in my college memory bank of Spanish classes.   A fun outdoor wedding in town, a great time.

And my son came home last night from school for the summer! Was so great to see him home.

Back at it today on a cool afternoon with a 13 miler through the city and parts of next Sunday’s Buffalo Half.  It felt good and inspired.

first hard workout


10 strong  miles with my son to the park and back on a ‘balmy’ 20 degree day, a respite after past couple days in the low single digits and before near zero temps the next few days.  The slush and snow made the going tricky on several areas, we even picked up the pace for stretches, getting the heart rate up.  The first hard workout of the new year.  

Didn’t see too many other runners.  In fact only one in the park.  Kinda disappointed to see so few on a a calmer day – maybe all the media hype around the cold is having a ‘chilling’ effect.

in gear


10 miles to the park with my son, in arctic air, single digits with sub zero windchill, what a way to start the training for Boston.  Remember the Polar Vortex a couple years ago?  This feels familiar.  So great to get back to training, rolling over hills, putting the vehicle in gear after the past month of recovery.

catching up


7 miles around the neighborhood with son who’s back home from college for winter break, a nice run enhanced by conversation, catching up, and joy.  He’s here the next few weeks, great to have him back home for the holidays, even if New York isn’t that far away.  Ordering in a pizza, really only get pizza when he’s around unless I’m making something.  Only 5 days til Christmas, I don’t mind the holiday tunes everywhere, my favorite part of the season, believe it or not.

home for the holidays


A peaceful day, even with all the hubbub of holiday shopping around me at the store and with all the fervor of college and pro football seasons coming to a head, with everything else in the world, a peaceful 6 miler around the neighborhood on a colorfully cool fall afternoon.  Got a nice call from my son in NYC, finishing up finals and final film projects, he’ll be home in a couple weeks.  Home for the holidays indeed.