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taking shape

nyc marathon finishline.jpg


new york city in one week

My son sent this pic today, the finish line area taking shape in Central Park, one week to go now, it’s starting to get real…

Not much activity today, decided to give the legs a good rest after much running around a hectic Sunday, yesterday was something to write about, but that’ll have to wait til tomorrow…til then, good night…


mind over matter


new york city in 7 weeks

This week is going to be a good one.  Powered through 16 miles this summery afternoon, and through fatigue, soreness, heat and the bright sun.  Proud of this one after yesterday’s 17 miles and Sunday’s XC race plus miles.  Took a lot of concentration to stay loose and focused through the park’s hilly loop, with visions of finishing over the hills of Central Park.  Today definitely will be one of the runs powering me towards that finish line.

for november


the road to new york, a month and a day away

Feeling better but not fully recovered from Friday’s 5k plus a dozen+ miles, a hot sunny September afternoon.  Was a good day for a tempo run.  13 miles in all in the park simulating Central Park, pushed the middle 6 miles, the first 2 at around 6:30/mile pace then the last 4 at around 6 minute pace.  That was a tough one, the quads were not happy about it, but they’re going to thank me in November when we have to do it for real in Central Park.

p.s.  thanks and r.i.p. Walter Becker

past tired


the road to new york

The first run in this training cycle for New York that felt like a marathon workout, a 13 miler in the park with a 6 mile tempo run several times over its hilly loop – mimicking Central Park a little.  Legs were still a little tired and sore from yesterday’s 13 and from a general upping of mileage in the past week.  Under the hot humid afternoon sun, didn’t time the tempo run, felt like somewhere around 6:40/mile pace, really pushed it, pushed it past tired.