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a time to celebrate


4 weeks from boston

14 miles to the park and back on a cold windy day, the last run of the current phase or the start of the taper, or a bit of both, not sure, maybe a celebratory run.  It was a painful run on pained legs of many miles for sure – a 30 mile weekend, the last big mileage weekend before the race. The start of taper has now begun as of this post.  The legs are really sore, will take it very easy tomorrow, might even take off a day of running. Still have some work to do, but always good to celebrate reaching a goal, no matter how brief or modest…


a wonderful present


the road to new york

Bright and early at 7:30, ran the brand new 15k race this morning, and it went very well – 3rd overall in 53:54, a 5:46/mile pace, hadn’t raced this distance in 5 years and did not lose any time since the last one.  Really happy with the time.  The weather was ideal – cool 70 degrees with a slight breeze – especially after the past week of heat and humidity.  Last Sunday’s tempo run in the h & h paid dividends today.  And the race was primarily sponsored by a local craft brewery, so a great post-race party with friends…a great way to spend a birthday…will celebrate it formally tomorrow!

big events


the road to new york

Continued recovery from Tuesday’s 10k, 9 miles in the park on a muggy day.  Sultry.  Sweat soaked shirt.  The left hamstring was still a little tight but getting better, probably will cancel a track workout I was thinking about doing tomorrow.  Better to rest up over the weekend for a good workout on Monday to prep for next Friday’s Buffalo 4 mile Chase, a big race full of world class runners due to the prize money involved.  Since I have an abbreviated racing season before marathon training begins, I’d like to race well in that race.  And it’s the Taste of Buffalo this weekend, a huge delicious food festival, second only to Chicago’s, and the weekend before my son’s 19th birthday.  He and I try to celebrate his birthday at the festival every year, as he came into the world on the eve of the event 19 years ago.

10k on the 4th


A lazy summer afternoon, all quiet on the western front before the July 4th explosions, did an easy couple of miles in preparation for tomorrow morning’s 10k the next town over.  This race’s become a 4th of July celebration for western NY runners the last 38 years and for me as well in the past few years.  Normally a very hot & humid affair, looks like we’ll get a more fair summer morning this year.  Always curious to see who’ll be at the race, as it’s always a fun post-race with friends and family.

the upcoming final ‘semester’


Last week marked the end of the half marathon phase, and this week begins the cross country portion, this year’s final phase, leading up to the year’s peak race, the Thanksgiving Day 8k Turkey Trot.  I love how these phases are working out: began with some random races in Spring, then heavy on 5k’s during the Summer, to a couple of Half’s along with some distance training, and now cross country.  It’s a nice progression and mixes it up to keep things interesting.

So in celebration of the good half marathon results and to get set for the next period, I’m taking today off, relaxing, and having a couple of beers.  These are the lull times when I can exhale a bit, ‘recover’ from the year-long training and racing, and go forward refreshed.  Learned of this essential need for breaks in college where it was xc season, then straight to indoor track, and then almost instantly outdoor track.  It was intense.  Now I have the luxury (and wisdom?) to make it work for me.