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autumn around the corner


the road to new york

My son left for New York today to move into his new digs in Brooklyn for the new year at college, a cool day that feels like October, got in a good 12 miler in the park.  A 5k tomorrow evening that’s forecasted to be even cooler, with a Friday nite post race party in the neighborhood.  Adding some miles beforehand.  Took the plunge and agreed to run a couple of x-country races in September with an area club’s masters team, will be fun and will be incorporated into the month’s marathon training.  No rest for the marathoner.


good times ahead


the road to new york

Did the recovery run this afternoon that I missed yesterday due to the sore left foot from the race, the foot felt much better today allowing me to do a nice 15 miler on a sunny comfortable day.  The first 9 miles were with my son and then added on 6 for good measure.  The miles are starting the creep up as this marathon training gets rolling, though the intensity in effort and miles won’t hit full stride til September.  Looks like my son found a nice place in Brooklyn to live off campus with friends for his second year at school, excited for him, and now I can stay a little longer after the marathon.