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big night


Too busy and late to post last night, we were celebrating my son’s 20th Birthday(!), we all went out to the Buffalo Chophouse, one of the best places in Buffalo, and celebrated this grand milestone.  We had a terrific time and I experienced arguably the best strip steak I ever had. We went for a 10 mile celebratory run beforehand. What a great time.

13 miles today to the park and back this hot and humid afternoon, sort of a recovery run for Tuesday’s track workout.  I was tired, but I could feel my stride being easier and stronger, the effects of the track workouts of the past couple weeks.  After focusing solely on distance and tempos, the track work seems to have re-awakened the speed in my legs, and I’m feeling ‘faster’ and more confident at the shorter distances…


a wonderful present


the road to new york

Bright and early at 7:30, ran the brand new 15k race this morning, and it went very well – 3rd overall in 53:54, a 5:46/mile pace, hadn’t raced this distance in 5 years and did not lose any time since the last one.  Really happy with the time.  The weather was ideal – cool 70 degrees with a slight breeze – especially after the past week of heat and humidity.  Last Sunday’s tempo run in the h & h paid dividends today.  And the race was primarily sponsored by a local craft brewery, so a great post-race party with friends…a great way to spend a birthday…will celebrate it formally tomorrow!

big events


the road to new york

Continued recovery from Tuesday’s 10k, 9 miles in the park on a muggy day.  Sultry.  Sweat soaked shirt.  The left hamstring was still a little tight but getting better, probably will cancel a track workout I was thinking about doing tomorrow.  Better to rest up over the weekend for a good workout on Monday to prep for next Friday’s Buffalo 4 mile Chase, a big race full of world class runners due to the prize money involved.  Since I have an abbreviated racing season before marathon training begins, I’d like to race well in that race.  And it’s the Taste of Buffalo this weekend, a huge delicious food festival, second only to Chicago’s, and the weekend before my son’s 19th birthday.  He and I try to celebrate his birthday at the festival every year, as he came into the world on the eve of the event 19 years ago.



7 relaxed miles around the park on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.  Had planned on a speed workout, but didn’t feel quite up to it, so moved it to tomorrow morning.  Must get it in then to have adequate recovery for Thursday’s road mile.

Then continued to celebrate my birthday with a dinner out with my son.  He’s 16 now, and he’s at that stage now where we can have a ‘peer to peer’ conversation.  I miss his infant stage, his toddler cuteness, and his grade school days, but as parents know, each stage of a child’s life has its own rewards.  Now I get to hang out with a burger and a good conversation with a cool person.  It’s been a great 48th so far.  Life is grand.

a nice feeling 5000m


A blissful 10 mile recovery run on park trails.  Still high from yesterday’s race and the lactic acid hadn’t fully kicked in yet, so was running on air for the most part.

yesterday’s 5000m (or ‘5k’ in road parlance) on the track:

So I had circled this race on the calendar months ago because it was a club event, a track race (which is rare), and on my birthday.  The turnout, as expected, was smaller than a road race but was decent for a fairly new area event, and the crowd support from family and friends was great.  We also had some runners come down from the Toronto area to compete.

Though I was 2 seconds off my 5k PR, and was mildly disappointed by this, felt great and hopeful about future PR’s by the way I felt for most of the race.  I had joked beforehand about having a rabbit (a pacer) for the race, and indeed one of the Canadian runners (winner of the mile race and a former elite miler) opted to pace his teammates in the 5000m.  And his pace was near-perfect for me, hitting 79 second laps like clock-work.  Got us 3 front runners through nice and relaxed, 5:16 for each of the first 2 miles.  I was feeling confident about something in the 16:20’s.

It would have been perfect if he could have stayed on the track for a couple of more laps, as he stepped off with 5 laps to go.  By this time I was in the lead by a good 5 seconds, and those last 5 laps (1.25 miles) by myself was going to be a chore.  And it was, as I couldn’t hold the pace, fell off form a little, and came in at 16:31, staring again at my current plateau of 16:30.  No worries though; felt smooth, strong, and young.  I think I can still get faster.

tomorrow, 5000 meters


Went out for a leisurely day-before-a-race 5 mile run around the neighborhood.  Felt pretty good, loose, visualizing the race.

Tomorrow’s track event organized by my club will consist of 2 heats (open and elite) each of the mile and the 5000 meters (or referred to as a ‘5k’ on the road).  The first heat of the mile begins at 6:30 pm.  The temps will be in the mid 70’s, and I love the fact it’s being held in the evening.  I’m a night person, I function better then.

I was considering doing both the mile and the 5000, using the mile as a good warm up for the 5000.  But knowing that the competitive juices flowing in a race could take too much out of me, decided to save the energy for the 5000, for a good effort and a good time (and a nice way to celebrate a birthday).