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fun recovery


Tired after work, but had to go out for a run on this beautiful sunny day with temps in the 80’s.  Was dragging a little during the 10 mile recovery run in the park, partly from a busy workday and partly from yesterday’s intervals.  Go easy tomorrow, then a 5k race/speed work on Friday. The Buffalo Half is still 3 weeks away, but I feel like I’m on schedule for it.


can’t waste the day


Another great day, another great run.  10 recovery miles in the park. In a groove these days with the spring weather gaining steam and the legs stronger.  Another bright sunny day that almost had me bring out the shades and the temps near 70 made it easy to head out the door and just cruise along.  Half the battle in the winter months is to get the gear on and then will yourself to go outside. These days that half of the battle is already won by the time I’m ready to run.  I couldn’t not head out for a run today and waste a day like today.

sunday inspiration


10 miles to the park, where I helped out at my club’s cross country race on the golf course where I run all the time, and back.  The race was a lot of fun to watch and cheer on, runners of all levels and ages pushing themselves to the limit.  So inspired by these folks, as much as from watching the Olympics.  I wasn’t racing today – as Carly Simon sang ‘haven’t got time for the pain…’ – but enjoyed seeing others putting themselves through this irrationally beautiful ordeal.

the beautiful ugliness of marathon training


Didn’t have time for a double workout yesterday, but did have time today so got in a morning 10 mile run to downtown Buffalo and back up to the parkway in my neighborhood.  Snow fell hard for the first half of the run, and with the messy roads and traffic, had to do a lot of ‘hop, skip, and dodges’, something I hadn’t had to do much of during this relatively mild and dry winter.  The legs were a little tight for the first few miles, and the blisters, the sore right pinkie toenail, and other minor ailments resulting from the higher mileage made their presence known – all part of the beautiful ugliness of marathon training.  Will get a bite to eat, rest a little, and head out for run no. 2 at dinner time.

a perfect race


The weather perfect for Mother’s Day but a little hot and humid for a road race, had a great time (but not a great finishing time) at another Elephant Run 4 miler, this its 9th year.  Actually we’re not sure what the official times were, as there might have been a timing error that resulted in discrepancies.  Whatever the official time, I probably didn’t go faster than 22:30 today, way off a PR.  And won.

But this day and this race weren’t a time to fret about times.  One of my favorite races, put on by friends, a beautiful family, in memory of their beautiful late daughter for a beautiful cause (scholarships for kids with organ transplants) on a beautiful day.  A perfect race.

all runners are beautiful


Legs felt more rested after yesterday’s day off, but still had some cobwebs.  Did a slow and easy 8 miles to the park and back to clear them out a little.  A beautiful sunny morning, in the low 60’s.  I think the legs will be loose enough to have a good 5k Sunday morning, will take it easy on them the rest of the day to continue recovering from early in the week.

The new shoes made the run feel light and easy, even with semi-sore legs, as I took an enjoyable lap around the park along with a throng of runners, runners of all sizes, shapes, and speed, and they were all beautiful – all runners are beautiful when they’re running – while a few slower and ‘novice’ runners seemed perhaps embarrassed about being ‘slower’ or ‘larger’ than ‘normal,’ I hope they weren’t because they were beautiful to me.