the long view


A good 10 mile recovery run to the park and back for yesterday’s 5k.  Was cool and breezy again today. Feeling good about yesterday’s 5k debut for the season.  Feeling especially positive about yesterday if taking the long view anticipating the Chicago/New York double coming up in October/November, yesterday’s 5k coming less than a month after Boston.


back in the 5k game


9 miles altogether including warm up and cool down for tonight’s 5k race benefiting the local Greek cultural association.  5th overall in 17:39, 2nd master/1st AG. Felt like I ran a solid first race of the season, happy about a 5:41/mile pace for 3.1 miles after a winter and spring of mostly distance and tempo runs.  Glad I did some ‘speed’ work this past week, or else this race would have been really difficult. As it was, I didn’t feel like I had any turnover or leg speed during the race. Then I remembered that the main purpose of this run was to add some speed and tune up for the Buffalo Half in a couple weeks.  But, of course, once you start a race, all that goes out the window and you mistakenly focus only on the final time. Besides it was great to catch up with friends afterwards.

cool run


7 miles on a misty afternoon, cooler than it recently has been, after a morning rainstorm.  The legs were a little sore, but it was another nice run around the parkway. The streets were clear, very little traffic as if people were already away on summer vacation.  Should be cool again tomorrow for the 5k run.

fun recovery


Tired after work, but had to go out for a run on this beautiful sunny day with temps in the 80’s.  Was dragging a little during the 10 mile recovery run in the park, partly from a busy workday and partly from yesterday’s intervals.  Go easy tomorrow, then a 5k race/speed work on Friday. The Buffalo Half is still 3 weeks away, but I feel like I’m on schedule for it.



10 miles today with 4 fast paced runs – about 5:30/mile pace – of about 600 meters each on the roads.  The 3 mile warm up was mostly searching for an uncrowded area near the park for the intervals after finding out that the local college track was closed due to team workouts.  It worked out, as I found a nice stretch of road to really stride out and beyond the marathon ‘shuffle’ you inevitably develop after months of primarily long runs. Feeling a little more prepared for Friday’s 5k race taking place just down the street from my place.

Another beautiful spring day, another great run, it sounds like a broken record this week, bring it on, we deserve this after the winter we had.  

can’t waste the day


Another great day, another great run.  10 recovery miles in the park. In a groove these days with the spring weather gaining steam and the legs stronger.  Another bright sunny day that almost had me bring out the shades and the temps near 70 made it easy to head out the door and just cruise along.  Half the battle in the winter months is to get the gear on and then will yourself to go outside. These days that half of the battle is already won by the time I’m ready to run.  I couldn’t not head out for a run today and waste a day like today.



A great run on a glorious Sunday, summer weather with temps in the 70’s.  And sunny! 10 miles to the packed park and back that included several untimed pick-ups in pace, trying to get my anaerobic fitness up to speed.  Still a little rusty from not having done much speed work in several months, worked on form – especially the knee lift and stride length – during the pick ups.  Overall a good encouraging run heading into a probable hard run on Tuesday.