a friendly week


the road to new york

Had to take a rest day yesterday, the legs were dead and the body a wreck, the year’s first track workouts of the past week finally catching up.  A good night sleep of recovery, felt better today, so went ahead with the planned hard run with the track club, which was nice because I hadn’t seen several of the members in a while – my schedule hadn’t meshed with our Tuesday nite workouts.  

We ran 200 meter sprint repeats in the park with a brief slow jog rest in between.  I did 10 sprints.  A good dose of speed and didn’t take too much out of me, the perfect workout a couple days before Friday’s 5k.  It will be a good competitive race, as well as a chance to see some friends I haven’t seen in months.  This is a good week for friends.

the right amount


the road to new york

Unsure how much time I’d have tomorrow, did the track workout today even though I didn’t feel fully rested.  It also got hot today, and it felt like a 100 degrees on the track.  Decided on intervals of 600 meters (1 ½ laps)  with half lap jog rest in between.  Ended up doing four of them in 2:00, 1:55, 1:55, and 1:56.  All of them were hard on this hot day, and the last one hurt a lot.  Ended the workout after four, it was enough – sometimes you know when you’ve had enough at a meal, no need for seconds.  Including warm up and cool down, 9 miles for the day.  I can tell these workouts will help this racing season.  

friday, whew


the road to new york

Continued the recovery runs with a slow easy 9 miler in the park and around the neighborhood.  The body was still sore from Wednesday’s track workout, loosened up quite a bit by the second half of the run.  The way I was feeling, any thought of doing a hard workout today went out the window.  Will try a track workout tomorrow, playing it by ear.  

Feeling good after a swig of seltzer water and a shower, now onto to a restful Friday evening in with a movie and pizza, ahhh.

running scene


the road to new york

A wonderful 9 mile shake out, to the park and back, nice and easy recovery from yesterday’s track workout.  It’s starting get warm – and will get hot starting this weekend – so ran after dinner time when it was a bit cooler.  But it was still sunny and beautiful out.  The upcoming month is probably the best time of the year to run, not too hot and allowing to head out in summer gear, just how you picture running.

Planning a track workout sometime over the weekend, gearing for the first 5k of the season next Friday, just before the start of vacation.

little victories


the road to new york

Went back to the track on this humpday for another set of intervals, the same workout as Saturday: 8 x 400 meters (1 lap) w/ 200 meter jog rest.  The 400m splits were (in seconds): 82, 77, 76, 76, 75, 76, 74, 74 – those last two 400m’s were really heartening.  9 miles total, including warm up and cool down.  Proud of this one, was really tired and sore beforehand, even after the warm up, a ‘gut check’ workout and came through.  These are the workouts that whisper a few reassuring words at the starting line.  

running together


the road to new york

Thought about a track workout but didn’t feel up to it, so pushed it to tomorrow.  Instead got in a nice 9 miler with my son to the park and back on a cool afternoon.  Now a grown young adult, he seems to look older and bigger each time we run together, then I’m reminded of our shorter runs together when he was smaller and then his bike rides alongside on my long runs when he was even smaller.  Running is a big part of our bond.  Track tomorrow.