I had a meltdown today, a good kind, during the 10 mile run with my son to the park and back; the temps were up in the 40’s; and the ice, the snow, and the mood in the neighborhood were all melting away.  The minor downside was the water and slush to work through, but splashing was fun too on this spring-like afternoon.  The temps will continue to rise until the weekend, when they’ll come back down.  But will thoroughly enjoy the climb into the 50’s, then the 60’s, in the meantime.


2 more miles


The temps remained in the relatively comfortable 30’s today, and the footing on the snow stayed solid.  A bit tired from the recent miles, decided to begin increasing the miles slightly today, and upped the run to 12 miles from the normal 10 a days.  The additional 2 miles looked challenging at the start, being tired and all, but got an unexpected second wind at mile 6.  I guess I was readier than I thought, or an instance of mind over matter?



Temps climbed to the mid 30’s today, though with the accompanying snow.  The frozen snow on the ground began to soften, but not enough to make tonight’s 10 miler to the park and back too tough.  Was nice to get outside without the fear of immediately getting punched in the face with sub-zero wind chills.  Nice and relaxed tonight.  Though I got caught off guard for a moment crossing an intersection and almost got hit by a car…  

I normally run defensively at night and winter time, and yield to cars no matter what…a car turning left onto my cross walk decided to continue after stopping for a moment.  I should have let him go, but went and got past the car in the nick of time.  To add insult…he honked at me.  It’s a chaotic intersection in an otherwise tranquil park, drivers seem to get less patient with each passing year, I might have to write someone to do something about this intersection before something really bad happens…



Wore my usual layer of winter wear and was too warm in today’s temps that went up to a ‘balmy’ 20’s.  Could have worn one less layer of shirt and hat, and just the mittens.  The weather seemed more ‘rational’ today after the past 2 weeks of single digits and subzero wind chills.  The snow on the ground even got softer from all the street salt residue, making the 8 miler a decent workout.  We’re supposed to be in the 30’s the rest of the week and maybe even in the 40’s on Thursday.  Shorts time?

soup and run


10 solid miles with my son on probably the coldest day of the week, barely above zero w/o the wind chill.  But with the usual layers on, it got warm in the first mile.  The footing wasn’t too bad, as the extremely cold temps kept the snow dry and crispy, none of the trickier slush to slow things down,  Back home now, warm, it’s a good night for soup, making homemade soup w/ thick cut vegetables and wine, in the soup and without.

heavy weight


10 chilly miles to the park and back, the cold weighed heavy on my back…and legs.  This was a tough one.  Felt like a long run, the arms getting very tired the last few miles slogging through the snow, the effects of 10 miles/day plus busy workdays since Christmas.  It means this marathon training is getting going.  As in all the past training cycles at this point, the idea of eventually getting to 12-16 daily miles is daunting.  But it’ll happen, in due time…



Cold tonight, around 5 degrees, wind chills double digits below zero, but it was beautifully calm out during the 10 miles to the park and back.  The grounds were classically painted, light and shadows, the white snow and the darkness starkly contrasted; while the hazy blue sky with wispy clouds was impressionistic, a Cezanne or a Renoir.  The run is now framed.