body expression


new york city in 4 weeks

13 miles around the park, generally a good run, somewhat tired, a little sore, the left plantar fascia felt okay but still on my radar.  The start of taper allows one to relax a little but also lets the body become aware of what it’s been put through the previous weeks and months, starting to feel the pain that had been repressed.  The body’s starting to expressing itself.  Happy Friday!


right kind of run


new york city in 4 weeks

Everything better today, the left foot, the rest of the body, the weather…With trepidation about the left plantar fascia, cautiously went out for a 12 miler with a possible tempo run included if things went fine, and things went according to plan, including the the middle 4 miles at between 6:00 and 6:30 minute mile pace, the left foot feeling good, this was a good ‘pick me up’ after a couple of days of the start of taper lethargy.

wising up


new york city in 4 weeks

Intended on doing about a dozen miles, but was really tired after a busy workday and could feel the plantar fascia on the left foot tightening up on me during the run in the park under a drizzle.  So shut it down at 10 miles, running/walking home the last mile or so.  With the big race in less than a month and my history of plantar fasciitis, didn’t take any chances this time (maybe I am getting smarter with age, maybe).  With the start of taper, a day off recently, and hectic schedule at work, the body has started to feel the effects of the past months – a prelude to the aches and pain of marathon week – and remind me as much.

gray area


new york city in 4 weeks

Tired, took a rest day yesterday to heal from the past couple weeks of training, had a good day off and a needed night of sleep.  Felt a little better today, though much of the soreness remained even after a day off.  Got in the customary 15 miler in the park, a little easier than it has been…kind of in a gray area at this point, the start of taper, not yet ready for complete rest but starting to dial it down…

into the rabbit hole


new york city in 4 weeks

Began tapering today with a 14 miler (tired but celebratory), always a big milestone, something to soak in, this transition from the main course to the taper for the marathon.  Have come far the past several months, setting the table, gathering and shaping the raw materials, and now transitioning to refining it, sharpening it, fine tuning the stuff that’s in me now.  Proud of the past weeks, the last one so tough for this cycle, will have a tough run here and there at some point, but not an entire week of hell during the taper.  Will be heading into the rabbit hole tomorrow…  



new york in 5 weeks

I’m losing track of time these days, last week I forgot the number of weeks before New York, yesterday I thought I had one more day to reach 100+ miles for the week, not realizing I had reached the mark the week leading up to and including yesterday, 107 miles to be exact.  Tired.  Went out tonight for another 16 miles anyway for good measure, so I hit 100+ miles the past 7 days as well.  Tomorrow will mark 4 weeks from the marathon, but I confused that with being a month out – in fact, that month mark was technically on Thursday, Oct 5th, with the marathon being on November 5th.  

For me marathoning, running for that matter, is an inexact science – might not even be a science.  Still a get lost in the experience, learning and remembering lessons along the way, somehow it comes together on race day, one way or another, all part of the joy of running.

misty miles


new york city in 5 weeks

15 long miles this afternoon after another busy day at the store, receiving and packing cases of fall fruits and vegetables, all types of squash, including pumpkins, and apples, pears, all hearty and heavy.  Mist in the air, remnants of the most recent tropical storm – I’ve lost track, there have been so many.  Cooled things off a bit in the last few miles.  Go into work in the morning for another hearty day, then go for another double digit mileage day to try to hit the century mark for the week, just a day before the countdown goes to a month from the big day.  Happy Friday!