the best kind


the road to new york

Not a day for a hard workout nor a recovery run, went out for a hardy 13 miler over hills in the park on a breezy warm sunny Wednesday afternoon.  This kind of a run – longish, a dozen or more miles – is my favorite kind, just heading out of the house, getting into a rhythm, varying paces, going for several miles.  Doing the hard stuff – the track work, tempo run, intervals – are a must for peak performance, but a run like today’s is what makes it.

good times ahead


the road to new york

Did the recovery run this afternoon that I missed yesterday due to the sore left foot from the race, the foot felt much better today allowing me to do a nice 15 miler on a sunny comfortable day.  The first 9 miles were with my son and then added on 6 for good measure.  The miles are starting the creep up as this marathon training gets rolling, though the intensity in effort and miles won’t hit full stride til September.  Looks like my son found a nice place in Brooklyn to live off campus with friends for his second year at school, excited for him, and now I can stay a little longer after the marathon.

yesterday’s race


the road to new york

Had planned to do a recovery run, but a minor injury from yesterday’s race meant a rest day.  It’s a minor thing, a small bruise on the bottom of the left foot from stepping on a small rock, of all things, during the final couple hundred yards.  With minimal padding on the bottom of the racing flats, it felt like a puncture wound.  The foot still a little sore today, decided to take the day off from running instead of trying to limp through.  Should be fine by tomorrow.

Still feeling good about yesterday’s 15k and placing third in 53:54.  The winner came in at 52:20 and the second person was a good local collegiate runner in 52:37. Was with them most of the way, fell off their pace around the 10k mark, and kept them in sight the entire rest of the way.  The cool temps in the upper 60’s let me start fast – the first mile around 5:20 – and keep the pace up.  Yesterday’s mileage, including the race and warm up/cool down, was 14 miles.   

Training in the heat and humidity of the past couple weeks helped a lot…looking ahead to even cooler temps for the marathon in early November.

a wonderful present


the road to new york

Bright and early at 7:30, ran the brand new 15k race this morning, and it went very well – 3rd overall in 53:54, a 5:46/mile pace, hadn’t raced this distance in 5 years and did not lose any time since the last one.  Really happy with the time.  The weather was ideal – cool 70 degrees with a slight breeze – especially after the past week of heat and humidity.  Last Sunday’s tempo run in the h & h paid dividends today.  And the race was primarily sponsored by a local craft brewery, so a great post-race party with friends…a great way to spend a birthday…will celebrate it formally tomorrow!

fatigue, storm, recovery


the road to new york

Took a rest day today, feeling exhausted from the week’s increased mileage and busy work schedule, I knew an attempt to run would probably bring on an illness or something.  Today’s cool off and violent storms were welcoming for a nice afternoon nap and recovery for the wrecked body, now a quiet Friday evening then maybe a few easy miles tomorrow before Sunday morning’s 15k race.

with the shades on


the road to new york

A bright sunny day, beautiful but humid again, put the shades on during today’s 9 mile recovery run.  Felt good most of the way, but the thick air dragged on the legs the last few miles.  We’re expecting thunderstorms parts of today and tomorrow to wash away much of the mugginess and bring fall-like weather this weekend for Sunday’s 15k, which I’m looking forward to.  I like the 15k, an unusual distance.  Buffalo hosted three successive usatf national masters 15k championships 10 years ago, Sunday’s race traces parts of that championship course and will bring back good memories.

best of all worlds


the road to new york

Decided not to go to the track meet for the mile race this evening, time constraints, had to go into work tonight, and was tired from a couple of hectic workdays and just not motivated to run a track mile race today.  Moreover with the nyc marathon training officially having begun yesterday, the urge for miles over The Mile clinched the decision.

The running gods, however, intervened – in a helpful manner – when I went out for a typical 10 miler.  When nearing the park, ran into my friend Joe, a 60 year old super masters runner, who had me join in for a few miles of tempo run in the park.  So ended with the best of all worlds – some distance with a workout of a 3 mile tempo run.  Thanks Joe, thanks to the running gods…