Had to cut yesterday’s run short as the left knee began to hurt.  It had been ok the past few days but really acted up last evening.  Walked the last few miles home in the snow.  Took today off to recover.  The past year’s been challenging for running and racing on many levels, and looks to stay that way til the next race.

5 thoughts on “challenge

    1. runningintshirt Post author

      Thank you for concern. It’s something I’ve suffered before, tendinitis related to the IT band, started having the discomfort/pain after a hard run in deep snow and trails a couple weeks ago. I haven’t had time to see a doctor, but looking at some strengthening exercises/stretches and maybe get a massage… taking some rest from running as well.

      1. chape

        I’ve been reading you enough to know that it has to be serious to skip a running day 😉 I wish you a fast and full recovery. If you dealed with this before, you can do it again 💪And if I can be of any help, finding some more exercises or whatever, just let me know. Big hug!

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