yesterday’s race


the road to new york

Had planned to do a recovery run, but a minor injury from yesterday’s race meant a rest day.  It’s a minor thing, a small bruise on the bottom of the left foot from stepping on a small rock, of all things, during the final couple hundred yards.  With minimal padding on the bottom of the racing flats, it felt like a puncture wound.  The foot still a little sore today, decided to take the day off from running instead of trying to limp through.  Should be fine by tomorrow.

Still feeling good about yesterday’s 15k and placing third in 53:54.  The winner came in at 52:20 and the second person was a good local collegiate runner in 52:37. Was with them most of the way, fell off their pace around the 10k mark, and kept them in sight the entire rest of the way.  The cool temps in the upper 60’s let me start fast – the first mile around 5:20 – and keep the pace up.  Yesterday’s mileage, including the race and warm up/cool down, was 14 miles.   

Training in the heat and humidity of the past couple weeks helped a lot…looking ahead to even cooler temps for the marathon in early November.


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