the run, meh; the event, terrific


the road to new york

A nice 9 mile recovery run in the park and around town with the earphones and music on, rarely listen to music in runs but wanted it today.  The run was recovery after last might’s 5k…

Last night’s Ronald McDonald House 5k went ok, finishing in 17:19, a slightly disappointing time but 4th overall, 2nd masters finisher.  I like the course and would like to have gone faster, but had a stomach thing all day, might have eaten something bad the day before, was feeling lousy all day race day…so considering everything, the race went as well as it could have…

But aside from that, it was great running it with my son as we normally do, and was great fun afterwards as it usually is with this race and it’s post-race party.  Good times with great friends and great locally brewed beer, with great food provided by the Ronald McDonald House.  

Quickly forgot about the less than thrilling race performance and remembered why we run…


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