a good chase


the road to new york

Haven’t posted the past couple days, time to update…

Thursday: An easy couple of miles just to stay loose and rested for Friday’s Subaru 4 Mile Chase…and it rained so much that much of Western NY had a flood warning, Buffalo was spared the floods.

Friday: The Subaru 4 Miler, one of the biggest races in the region, takes place in my quaint little neighborhood.  Slightly cooler than normal for this event but still humid.  With a contingent of African runners and others coming in, it’s a crowded field top to bottom.  Felt good and mostly rested, ran a solid race in 22:18, 33rd overall, 3rd master (earned some $), 1st in age group.  

Except for the customary moment of truth that always occurs in this race at around the 2.5 mile mark where you’re not sure if you can keep going, felt smooth and strong most of the way and during the final ½ mile.  Even went through the 1st mile around 5:10.  Pretty happy with the way the race went, this month of racing is going well.

9 miles total including warm up and cool down.

Today: 8 mile recovery run, a slow sore recovery run.


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