good pain


the road to new york

Thankful that the weather cooperated for today’s track workout with the club, raining much of the day and washing away the heat and humidity.  By the time 6 o’clock rolled around, the temps had dipped to the 60’s, nice.  The turnout was low because of the threat of more rain, on nights like this I feel like I have a personal coach.  

The workout was 2 tempo runs, 10 minutes of sustained pace each, staying around 5k pace as long as we could, a lap rest between them.  Painful.  At moments time seemed to crawl.  On the first one, I stayed around 5:20 – 5:25/mile pace; on the second run, 5:25 – 5:30/mile pace.  Painful.  But felt like I got a lot out this workout.

Ended with 7 x 100 meter strides.  Including warm up/cool down, 8 miles total.  Feel really good about this one, good prep for July 4th’s 10k.   


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