2/3 of the way there


the road to new york

Ran a great 3.2 k of tonight’s 5k, the last mile not as good.  The first serious 5k of the season, I think the heat and humidity got to me in the final mile.  Still, there were good points to take away from the experience.  Went through the 1st mile around 5:15, the two miles in 10:35, then hit quicksand in the 3rd mile to finish in 17:10, 10th overall, 2nd master, 1st in 50-54 group.  7 miles total including warm up/cool down.  

Was pleasantly surprised by the splits of the first 2 miles, even if the 3rd was tough.  This being the first short race of the season, was hesitant to make any moves during the race, and I know the exact point – the 1 ½ mile mark – where I’d have put in a surge if more confident in my fitness.  Hopeful that with more work and races, will be able to keep up the pace all the way,  and times will come down in the upcoming weeks.


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