never gets old


the road to new york

It’s always daunting before a track workout, like before a race, you know it’s going to hurt.  It didn’t help that I stayed out late last night.  The local college track was available this morning, so had to go through with the planned workout, deciding on 8 x 400 meters (1 lap) with a 200 meter (½ lap) jog rest.  The first track workout in nearly a year, I was ready for a dose of reality in my track fitness and speed, but pleasantly surprised myself at the outset with the first 400m in 78 seconds!  Sure my body felt like an old steam powered locomotive in that first lap, but was psyched about getting under 80 secs.  The entire interval session was very encouraging, the splits were (in seconds): 78, 76, 76, 76, 77, 76, 76, 78.  Very encouraging.

I think it helped that I really want to have a good road racing season this summer before marathon training.  Including warm up and cool down, 8 miles for the day.


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