strong hills


on the road to new york

A solid run, a strong workout today, the rest and easy runs of the past few days after Saturday’s long run seem to have restored the body.  On a warm humid afternoon, got in some intervals on a hilly trail in the park: 9 x 500 yard ‘sprints’ at around 5 minute/mile pace, with 90 seconds rest jog between.  

The intervals were good on many levels – strength training, speed work, form, and anaerobic fitness.  Definitely got the heart going, the lungs expanding, and the knees lifting.  Stayed off the track, haven’t been on a track in a while so didn’t want to risk injury with all the tight turns.

Including warm up and cool down, 9 miles altogether for the day.  The first speed work since a week before the Marathon, this a nice lead up to Sunday’s Half.


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