getting back to normal


on the road to new york

7 miles to the park and back through the parkway and the neighborhoods, the legs felt back to normal, almost none of the post-marathon rust.  Been mostly walking the past couple of days, and that seems to have helped with the recovery.  The weather’s been gloomy the past week – in fact most of this spring – cold and wet and dreary, more of the same for this weekend when I’ll be helping out at a half marathon organized by my club, the first one I’m not running in several years.  Will miss running it but was no point in running it so soon after Boston, would have only risked injury…speaking of half marathons, entered the Buffalo Half Marathon on Memorial Day weekend, got a free elite masters entry, one of the nice perks of doing well at a race like Boston, you get a prompt response to a request for elite entry (for which I’m grateful to the Buffalo Marathon committee)…should be enough time between now and then to get into half marathon shape.


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