wild dance


3 weeks til Boston, we’re tapering

Ended up running a 5k this morning, with goals of staying sharp and reintroducing the body to the wonderful experience of oxygen debt – not sure about the first goal but certainly accomplished the second.  The result: 17:25, 3rd overall, 2nd master, 14 miles total including warm up/cool down.  Tired and not fully awake, unsure how much the race ‘sharpened’ me up – it probably did.  It did shock the body with some anaerobic pain, and ultimately this part will help in a couple of weeks in Boston.  

Wasn’t going for a PR (not in 5k shape for that!) and not going for an even pace (too short for that and had no sense of an appropriate 5k pace at this point), instead wanted to just push the pace hard enough to get into oxygen debt and feel that pain.  Hung onto a couple of runners early then led the pack for a couple miles, really pushing the pace even though I knew I was going too fast (I think I went through the mile in about 5:20), then hit ‘rigor mortis’ in the final mile, struggling to hold form.  

I did hold form for the most part, and this was the most valuable aspect of today’s run – to hold form and hang in while in pain, like maybe in the final couple miles or during a surge in pace in the middle miles of a marathon.  

It was a brief wild dance, but one which should fit into a longer performance.


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