boundless sky


3 weeks til Boston, we’re tapering

Feeling good about the race and the weekend in Syracuse.  A relaxed 13 mile shakeout in the park to recover from yesterday’s half marathon (16 miles total on Sunday, the Half plus 2 mile warm up/1 mile cool down).  Went into the store last night after the race to receive some deliveries, the left bicep is sore from the lifting; and the hamstrings cramped up briefly while sleeping.  Still in one piece, though.

I love these recovery runs, or any easy ones, they’re my sanctuary, a brief but blissful respite from the world.  I often look up at the sky while running, sometimes straight up and up ahead at other times.  That was the case this afternoon when the day’s fog had cleared and the clouds were a little behind opening up the pale blue sky underneath.  One of the earliest images I can recall is of the sky and clouds, I must have been a toddler, before I knew what is good and what is bad, and I remember feeling good looking up at the boundless sky.  I still get that feeling looking at the sky, especially while running.  


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