4 weeks til Boston, the taper

This first day of taper for Boston was a much needed 10 mile shake out, a shorter run than it has been, nothing intense, but much mindfulness.  Kinda look at the start of taper as shaking up the bottle, getting the fizzies going and preventing the flavors from settling to the bottom, when all the ingredients that have been fermenting are refined to a concoction.  A huge part of that process is to take stock of all that’s happened so far and is still to come.  

To that end, having just passed a physically demanding phase, today, fully reflected on how much my girlfriend has helped me through this grueling journey…it’s always helpful when your partner is a runner, but perhaps essential when you dream of something quixotic like competing for something at the Boston Marathon…she’s been my partner, coach, and confidante and will be with me all the way through Boston…and I’m sure I’ll be returning the favor in the very near future…


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