foot on the pedal


5 weeks til Boston, a month away

A beautiful bright sunny almost fall-like afternoon dragged my tired body out for another run, fatigued and feeling banged up from the mileage and quality of the past couple weeks along with some heavy lifting at work yesterday, wasn’t sure how long I could go today.  The first couple of miles were tough even at a pedestrian pace.  I’m a week away from the start of taper and these are the most vulnerable times, where the mind plays tricks just before the onset of easier times, knowing the hardest sections are nearing their end, these are the times – unless with injury or an obvious illness – to keep the foot on the pedal, however slightly… like a couple of miles past a marathon’s half way mark or nearing the 20th mile, or maybe at the heartless mile 24…

After grinding through 8 miles, some life came back to the arms and legs, picked up some speed – foot on pedal – for a sub 7 minute/mile paced 4 miles and then an easy pace back for a total of 16 miles.  A confidence booster.

Another long-ish run in the next couple days, then the beginning of taper on Monday, followed by the Syracuse Half Marathon next Sunday.  One month away…


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