boston 02163


5 weeks til Boston

Boston 02163 will be my zip code on Patriots Day.  Found out today my Boston number will be 2163, in Wave 1/Corral 3, pretty satisfied with it.  Not too concerned about the corral positioning, as placings in age groups will largely be by chip time, the relatively middle spot in the first wave might even let me ‘play possum’.

To that end, got in a 13 miler in the park, a lot of the snow of the past two days had melted or subsided, and still run-friendly crunchy due to the cold temps.  Additionally found enough dry flat roads to have a comfortable recovery type run, without the need to constantly navigate the rough snow trails.  Needed the recovery, as the quads were tight from the past couple days, the easier roads were soothing.

…About a month away from Boston now.


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