the best runners are unrecognizable


5 weeks til Boston

The second day of this big northeast storm, the snow tapered off in the afternoon, but the deep snow patches and mounds at the end of sidewalks were still present.  Arms and legs were sore still from yesterday’s run in the storm, today’s slow 12 miles didn’t provide any recovery.  It was tough going again, some of the snow slushy and slippery, there were very few moments to relax during this run, even broke out the hurdling techniques learned during my days running steeplechase in college to clear the snow barriers between sidewalks.  Yes, another solid day of marathon training.

…So one of my running heroes, Ed Whitock, or a hero, period, passed away a couple of days ago and been processing his legacy.  He lived across the border here in Ontario, Canada, so he used come down to Buffalo often to race in all the local races including small 5k’s that drew only a couple hundred runners.  That was before I started racing again, so I never got to witness those, but did get to see him when I ran the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 2011, and that was a thrill.  Except you had to catch his sight quick because if you didn’t look carefully, you just saw an old man in a plain exercise suit, maybe an old hiking outfit, who seemed to have just come out of the woods, and then you realized he was that world record holding legend, as if some one told you that that meek unremarkable silver haired old man who lives down the street founded the CIA.  Almost or maybe all of the best runners I’ve known or met over time have been humble self-effacing people, who humble you and teach you how to act in victory or in defeat.  Thank you, Ed, for your lessons.


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