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ne runner 2017 boston list.jpg


5 weeks til Boston

Though not as hard as along the Atlantic coast, the snowstorm hitting the northeast barreled through Buffalo today, leaving difficult footing for a 12 miler to the park and back that felt more like a 16 to 20 miler, tired arms and legs.  I always say the snow is Buffalo’s equivalent of high altitude.

Looks like I’ll be doing the Syracuse Half in a couple of weeks, at the end of March and the start of the taper, the timing looks right, a good long training race just a few weeks from the marathon.

A running friend from Boston, who I’ll be staying with for the marathon, was nice enough to post the above chart from New England Runner mag, info I wasn’t aware of, listing the top Boston qualifiers for each age group from these states, tickled to be listed 3rd among the ‘senior’ category (not thrilled with the label), the 50-59 group from New York state.  Just glad to be in the mix, that’s all I ask for heading into the race, then it’ll give me a chance to do something in the age group on race day.


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