sweet sunday


A sweet Sunday shake-off run on a warmer afternoon than yesterday, loosened up the tight quads from yesterday’s successful Shamrock race with a 14 miler on my ‘go to’ loop in the park, which happens to pass the beautifully majestic Buffaloes in the Buffalo Zoo adjacent to the park.  A lovely run on a lovely sunny afternoon.

More on yesterday’s 8k race/speed work:  the 28:41 was run fairly evenly, around 11:20 at 2 miles, 17:15 at 3 miles, and so forth for a 5:46 pace overall.  Started conservatively while the lead pack of a dozen went out fast, knew I couldn’t keep up at this point in season, stayed back, waited for runners to fall off the pace as they always do, they did, and I passed 3 along the way and was passed by 1 for a +2 on balance, felt strong enough in the final 100 meters for a kick to hold off a hard charging young buck.  Felt good to have a little kick left at the end, at this point in my life.

6 miles before the race and 6 miles after for a 17 mile day.

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