monday’s high’s after sunday’s low’s


A good Monday after a flat Sunday.  Considered entering a 5k as a workout on Sunday, but after having to go into work for a few hours in the morning and still feeling worn down from the past week of training, decided to skip it and then skipped running altogether due to feeling really run down.  Feeling weak, I was afraid of risking injury by trying to gut out a race.  Needed the rest, took a long nap, and woke up in time for the (wild) Oscars.

Felt somewhat better today and went out for a long run, ending up doing a wonderful 18 miler all over Buffalo.  The warmer temps – near 50 degrees – allowed me to de-layer and feel lighter, helped me get stronger as the run progressed after a sluggish beginning – the start reminded me that I’m in the midst of marathon training.  Gaining momentum by mile 8, hit the next 7 miles in around 6:40/mile pace, then eased in the last 3 miles.  A confidence booster.  Looking to do the 8k Buffalo Shamrock Run as a speed workout this Saturday – this one I’ve been looking at for a while.


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