first one of ’17


This morning’s 10 mile race/tempo run in the books, 1:00:52/6:05 pace/4th overall/1st master finisher/tough race/workout.  Approached the race as a hard workout/tempo run, and did end up being a good tough run.  It’s a tough hilly course and made the race a grinder.

Woke up in the morning, was already tired and sore from the marathon training mileage these days, and got to the race a little close to start time, so didn’t get a chance to warm up at all – being lax about the race.  Tried to use the first couple miles as warm up; they were still in 5:50 pace, and got tired by mile 5.  And also overheated, had to ditch the hat and gloves at mile 6.  Was really dragging for a couple of miles, then recovered enough in the last couple of miles to finish ok.  Was surprised to finish around 1 hr; felt much slower.

Added a second run in the afternoon for 9 miles to finish the day at 19 miles.  Tomorrow’s weather’s supposed to be harsh – sleet/rain/snow mix – and so not sure how much running I’m going to get in then; glad to get the mileage in today, in addition to the race.


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