january is forgiving


Skipped the run yesterday – got back from work late and wanted to spend some time with my son while he was home from college for winter break.  January has some give, February and March will be the crucial months for Boston.  

Got up early today for a morning run, got caught in the rain, miserable at times, a bit of penance for yesterday’s missed run.  Stuck with it, the rain eased at times, got in 12 miles altogether in the park, with a tempo run in the middle 5 miles around 6:30/mile pace.  That was tough, soaking wet and cold.  Got home, took a nice hot shower, and then a nice brunch with my son at our favorite local Greek restaurant.  A runner’s high the rest of the day…


2 thoughts on “january is forgiving

  1. wanderwolf

    After running in difficult conditions, the runner’s high does seem stronger. Maybe it’s our mind and body rewarding us for being a badass. Sounds like a great day!


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