a hard 11 on soft snow


Took another day off yesterday, as it was dark and stormy when I got home from work tired, taking advantage of the down time of this ‘off-season.’  Felt good to relax and not worry about getting in the mileage.  That time will come soon enough…

After a good night of sleep and rest, a good breakfast, feeling refreshed, went out for an 11 mile run around town on slushy snow covered roads.  It had snowed some overnight and the warming temps made for a challenging workout of a run, all the balancing act – wiping out at one point – and ‘running in place’ over soft snow got the heart going.  The 11 miler felt more like 20 miles.  

It’s crunch time for Christmas shopping, ran around shoppers during part of the run, reminded me I have to finish mine.  


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