once again fun


That was so much fun, today’s XC race on a cyclocross course, with hairpin turns, quick steep up and down hills, hurdles, and a couple of mud pits to cross.  I don’t do many XC or trail races these days, as I find that I really am becoming less coordinated as I get further over 40.  I’ve had at least one wipeout in every XC in the past few years, and had my customary one wipeout down a steep decline today – no major damage, just a minor scrape and a loss of a few seconds while watching a couple of high school kids pass by.   

But caught back up to them and finished 6th overall/1st master in this well organized and surprisingly competitive (some college and high school kids were coming off of their XC seasons), won a nice medal and a jar of Once Again Organic Peanut Butter!!!  Love Once Again PB.

Survived the course, had fun with friends on a beautiful festive fall Sunday afternoon, and came away with some good peanut butter, life doesn’t get much better than that!


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