a full day to digest yesterday’s half


10 slow easy miles, much of it on park trails, to shake out the legs and recover from yesterday’s Half.  Tired legs, especially the quads, were tender.  Thinking about jumping into a new local cross country race this Sunday, part of a trail bike tournament in the park where I often run.  Not sure if I’ll do a hard workout before that.

Some bits from yesterday’s race:

The eventual masters winner, a great Canadian runner, ran (literally) a gutsy race.  I passed him around mile 7 when he stopped to deal with a side cramp; moments later he tagged onto a runner, and eventually caught back up and passed me around the 10 mile mark.  I was surprised, impressed, and couldn’t quite keep up.  He finished in 1:16:50 to my 1:17:30.  Gutsy.

During the few miles leading the masters race, I unfortunately was caught in ‘no man’s land’ and had to run by myself, ‘falling asleep’ a little until Rodney, the eventual masters winner caught up to me.

I think I overdressed for the race.  Fearing the forecasted cold rain, I had on an extra shirt and warmer weather-proof gloves/hat.  Finished ahead of the rain and got hot during the race, even with the headwind.  Something to learn from for next time…

…no matter how long I’ve been running, I learn from every race…


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