niagara falls half marathon 2016



Ok, a pretty good morning, a good race, a little weird in the way it panned out (more on that tomorrow, perhaps), but a good race result nonetheless!  12th overall, the first 7 or 8 were dominated by – you guessed it – African runners, 2nd overall masters finisher, 1st in the 50-54 age group, 1:17:30 (and got a nice little check for the masters finish).  Not quite the time I wanted, but a steady head wind along this point to point course all but negated any chance of a PR.  So it ended up being a race, and proud of the way I raced.  More importantly, another step on the road to Boston…


4 thoughts on “niagara falls half marathon 2016

  1. wanderwolf

    A race you can be proud of is a race well won, independent of time or placement. But hey! A check for placing? Never hurts. Sounds great! Hope you feel like sharing a little more tomorrow. 🙂


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