a good morning in lucytown


Lucytown 2016.jpgsunday

After a rocky night of sleep due to rowdy hotel guests next door, was able to get in a decent race at the Lucytown Half.  It was a real race between myself and another runner.  He led for the first 6 miles, I took the lead for the next 4 and thought he was dropped, but he surprised me by catching back up – turns out he’s a good runner 🙂 – at mile 10; I fell off the pace at mile 12, he won in 1:17:12 and I followed in 1:17:41.  I won the masters overall, but they gave me the 2nd overall prize – I’ll take either, happy with either.  

Didn’t have problems with the left foot the entire way, looks like the Plantar Fasciitis is receding.  Very happy w the race considering the ups and downs of the past 6 months.  Optimistic about the bigger race at the Niagara Falls International Half in 3 weeks.


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