sneak in a tempo run


I usually don’t feel the effects of a race or hard workout until 2 days later, and that was the case today.  With the weather drier, cooler and more comfortable, felt pretty good and wasn’t sure how much time I’d have the rest of the week, so went out and did a mild 4 mile tempo run in the park as part of an 8 mile day.  The left foot has come a long way.  It was a little sore during and after yesterday’s 5k, but felt better today, even after a tempo run.


2 thoughts on “sneak in a tempo run

  1. wanderwolf

    That’s great! I’m happy and a bit jealous how you are able to run through almost all your injuries. My first instinct is to stop and rest. Is that maybe not as necessary?

  2. runningintshirt Post author

    I commented on your recent post on your injury but not sure if it posted. Most often, the conventional approach on injuries – rest – is correct, especially around a serious injury or if a MD or PT’s diagnosis is involved. But sometimes, when you have an important race coming up soon, you might have to take a risk and shorten the rest and recovery. It comes down to the context, your past experience with injuries and, perhaps most importantly, your knowledge of your own specific body and its specific capabilities. Don’t beat yourself up too much for maybe getting back into training too soon, sometimes you have to do that to reach a goal.


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