a theatrical run!


Took yesterday off as a rest day and to give the legs a break for this morning’s 5k.  It was a 5k fundraiser for the local major theater company, their 25th annual race and my first time running it.  It was great, only $17 registering even on day of race!  Saw many friends at the race.

…But alas I was feeling slightly under the weather in the morning and decided to treat it as a speed workout.  Still, have felt like this before in a race and was able to get out of the funk, but not the case today.  A very good local runner took the race out early on in a 5 minute mile pace, and I followed in a 5:15 and never got closer.  With the humidity and the relatively warmer temps, survived the 5k in 17:30, 2nd place.  ‘Survival’ is the operative word.  5 miles total for the day.  

Still, under the circumstances, was a good fast workout, and a good prep for a bigger race this upcoming Sunday.  And the theatre people came out to organize a fabulous post race party!


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