remembering Ms. St. Pierre


2nd straight day of fall weather, supposed to get down to the 50’s tonight, will be great sleeping weather.  Felt lousy most of the day, dehydrated, might have gotten food poisoning when I went out to eat yesterday.  Decided to at least get in a couple of miles, but with the cool weather, once I got out there, started feeling better, and had a very good 8 mile run.  The pleasant weather makes such a difference.  

This has been a significant year for so many reasons, so many changes to process; by random chance, happened to check out class notes of my prep school, and learned that one of my favorite teachers, a former Chair of the English Dept, one of the kindest people who ever lived, and one of the most important figures in my life, Ms St Pierre, passed away back in August; she had retired over ten years ago.  The school had a touching tribute in their latest news, and I’m glad I saw it.  I wrote her a ‘thank you’ letter a couple of decades ago when I was finishing graduate school, about how much she had influenced my life – I am so glad I got the opportunity to do this.  There is an ‘outside classroom’ behind the English dept building that was built in her honor, I am planning to go back and visit it this fall or winter.  This post is my small way of letting the world know what a special person she was…

‘Generations mourn passing of Jean St. Pierre, beloved educator’:


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