a big weekend


On my way to New York at the moment…  

Got in a 10k this morning with encouraging results: 35:45 (first sub 36 this year), 5:46/mile pace, 4th overall, 2nd master.  The left foot did stiffen up and got sore during the race, but I think it had as much to do with the way I laced the racing flats – concerned about the foot and PF, laced up extra tight and in a more supportive configuration.  This helped stabilize the foot planting but limited the its range of movement.  Looks like I should and can go back to my old lacing system.  The foot’s sore now but not too bad.

An encouraging race, looks like I’m on the way back to better racing, though one step at a time.  A 5k is next Friday.

For the next few days, though, it’s my son’s freshmen move in…

One thought on “a big weekend

  1. wanderwolf

    Happy move in! Don’t heckle the RAs too much, I was once one and saw the whole spread of college parenting-
    Congrats on the sub-36! That’s encouraging considering the issues you’ve had with you foot. Rest it up and hope it’s back, ready for action next week.


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