running with the changes


Took today off to get some rest and got a chance to ruminate a bit on these days and ahead.  This has been a most peculiar year of running and racing.  Dealing with injuries all year, I realize, is just a part of what has been a big transition period – turning 50 earlier this month and my son leaving home and heading off to college along with my transition to marathoning from short distances.  Lots of changes.  A big reason, along with injuries, that I haven’t been able to get my arms completely around the running thing this year.

With all these changes, feeling like I need some normalcy at this point.  One way to do so may be to reset this year’s racing schedule to mirror those of the past few seasons.  So looking more like I’ll drop the idea of fall marathon – might still be able to squeeze it in, but would be cutting it really close – and go back to the standard road racing schedule.  The big reason is the social aspects of these local races.  Missing the last few races have made me really miss the runners I see at there, and know that the isolating aspects of marathon training would further take me away from those races and people.  With many things changing around me, I could use some familiarity around me.

Skipping the marathon this fall could also reduce the risks of injury from all the long distance training and from the marathon itself, as I try to ‘fit in’ a marathon in a couple of months.  Instead, would be better to get in the typical fall road racing season and save it up for Boston in April.  Boston is the one.

With that, might jump into a fun “moonlight’ 5k run tomorrow night.  It’ll be more fun than a race and will get to see some friends I haven’t seen in a while.  With the idea of cramming in a fall marathon receding, have been more relaxed lately and so the feet and legs have been feeling better, and all the life changes feel more manageable.


2 thoughts on “running with the changes

  1. wanderwolf

    Sounds like a good plan. The latest left foot injury seems to be particularly stubborn, and going back to the races (and company) you enjoy mor may be better.
    Happy belated birthday! And enjoy some last weeks with your son before he heads off for college (he’ll always come back, but it will be a bit different).


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