a run became a race


Last night’s Subaru 4 Mile Race went better than and worse than expected.  The ‘better’ part: what was approached as a hard workout due to recent foot issues and fitness ended up being a race for me.  Started off very conservative for this race (5:20+ first mile) and passed several people over the next couple of miles to finish in a respectable 22:29 and a surprising 29th overall and 3rd in 45-49 age group in a competitive national/regional field.  An unexpectedly good finish considering everything.  Lost out to the 2nd age group person by 2 seconds because of….

…here’s the ‘worse’ part: the plantar fascia on the left foot really acted up in the race, especially in the last mile.  It actually started hurting as I tried to kick in the final couple hundred yards.  So no lift in the stride and no kick.  The foot was in pain the rest of the night, feeling like the bottom of it was all ripped up, and sore this morning.  Obviously no running today and probably tomorrow, and will be monitoring it.  Have to get this thing worked out if there’s going to be a fall marathon…

With warm up and cool down included, 10 miles for the day


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